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Special Gifts with Select Purchases
Words by Windup Watch Shop

As the holiday season is in full steam ahead with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we at the Windup Watch shop want to continue bringing you the very best in deals from watches, to accessories, to gear. We know that purchases don’t happen in a vacuum, and everybody loves bundles and bargains. So here are a few extras to sweeten the pot on what is already a fantastic selection right here in the Shop. Don’t forget to use your reward points, and reach out for a consultation if you have any questions.

Free Juvo Luxury x Worn & Wound Watch Winder with Any Oris Purchase

A watch winder is a wonderful accessory to have for an enthusiast from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint, particularly for those who have bigger collections or watches that can be burdensome to set often. They are also a nice way to display and present your watches in an open space. The Juvo Luxury x Worn & Wound Watch Winder is an easy choice with its minimalist design and full functionality. In this case, it’s a party in the front and business in the back: A gray lining and simple frame is coupled with an LCD display in the back to configure the winding direction and speed.

Oris as a brand needs no introduction at this point. With watches ranging from dress watches, to pilot, to sport, to dive, Oris is building quality watches at a price point that few can match. Place an order for any Oris from the Windup Watch Shop to automatically receive the Juvo Luxury x Worn & Wound Watch Winder.

Free Tool Watch Box With Any $2,000 Purchase

Our Tool Watch Box combines the nostalgic and familiar look of the red metal toolbox with the practical use case of a watch case. Great for displaying and protecting your watches, the Tool Watch Box will automatically be added to any order of $2,000 or more.

Free $100 Gift Card With Any $3,000 Purchase

‘Nuff said. Any order of $3,000 or more will automatically qualify for a free $100 gift card that will automatically be added to your cart. We hope these incentives make it even more fun you to find gifts for yourself or loved ones this holiday season. The best news? All these promotions will stack! Also, don't be afraid to use the inquire button on some of our watches to ask about pricing. A member of our team may be able to offer a Black Friday discount.

Happy hunting!