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Dads and Grads Sale 2024: Father's Day Gift Guide
Words by Windup Watch Shop

When it comes to watch collecting, sentimentality is king. Rarity, value retention, and specifications all matter, but it’s often the watch that was either given as a gift or passed down that stands the test of time. (Such is the case with yours truly, who received a Seiko SNE039 as a gift from his granddad ten years ago, which has kicked off a passion culminating in writing what you are reading at this very moment.) So as Father’s Day approaches and our DADS AND GRADS SALE is live, we thought we’d put together a gift guide for the dad, grandad, or father figure in your life. From durable watches and clocks and gear, to slick storage options, these should provide a great starting point and inspiration.

As always, the Windup Watch Team is available via consultation to answer any questions you have. In addition, all of these products are eligible for free domestic shipping across the US.

Bulova Oceanographer GMT

The Bulova Oceangrapher GMT is a platonic image of a modern sports watch. It measures a reasonable 41mm by 48mm and can be had on a bracelet or rubber strap. In each of the three color options, the watch boasts 200 meters of water resistance, true to its name, and combines the baseline waterproofness with travel watch capabilities thanks to the Miyota 9075 caliber inside. An automatically winding movement, it offers an independently jumping hour hand and date complication. A bicolor, unidirectional bezel completes the package aesthetically and functionally. This watch is for anyone who wants a serviceable, value-packed watch that will stand the test of time.

Marathon Large Atomic Digital Clock

The only product on this list that looks equally good on a wall as it does on a table, the Marathon Atomic Digital Clock makes a great gift to liven up a space at home or office. This atomic clock is a razor-thin one inch thick but features a huge high-contrast LCD that is both elegantly simple and easy to read. It does more than tell the time, however: day/date/month readouts and even weather (temperature and humidity) are displayed for your convenience. In North America, the clock will sync via radio to align with NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock, which ensures you always have the exact time.

Citizen Promaster Aqualand

For all the adventurous dads out there, the Citizen Promaster Aqualand cannot be beat. As the modern iteration of a pioneer in dive watches in the 1980s, the Aqualand retains its classic hybrid digital-analog dial. It measures 44mm across, 47.7mm lug to lug, and can display day, date, dual time, and depth readings thanks to the secondary display at the top of the dial. In addition, alarm and stopwatch functionality is built right in. A prominent pressure gauge is part of the watch’s design and makes for a perfect conversation piece. Last but not least, a fully-lumed dial adds that extra touch of novelty and utility that sets this watch apart from the rest.

Gerber Truss

In many ways, the Gerber Truss is just like a dad: super useful, always prepared, and finds a way to solve problems. Boasting an unprecedented 17 (seventeen!) different tools in one, the Truss is, to name a few, a plier, screwdriver, opener, wire stripper, and blade. Its handle is made of a single unit of steel, and the entire package is remarkably compact considering its use cases. Oh, and one more use for the Gerber Truss? Perfect Father’s Day scoop.

Hexagon Watch Tube

A great watch case makes the entire hobby more enjoyable, and the Hexagon Watch Tube is up to the task. Crafted from high quality nylon fabric, this case has capacity for three watches, each with their own removable protective pillow. Its angular case retains its shape over time and provides extra stability on flat surfaces for both storage and display. The interior is made of a soft microsuede that prevents scratches while keeping your watches nice and safe. For the collector who already has a collection and doesn’t need more watches at the moment (yes, they do exist), the Hexagon Watch Tube is the perfect gift.