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Five Digital Watches for Spring Running and Fitness
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Spring has sprung, and the warmer weather is a great excuse and motivation to get outside and get moving. Of course, having the right timepiece for the right occasion is paramount. A digital watch comes easily to mind thanks to its simplicity, legibility, and functionality, and to that end, here are five digital watches we’d consider excellent fitness and running pals. All are available right here in the Windup Watch Shop. As always, the Windup Watch Shop Team is ready to answer any questions you have. You can even arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Timex Ironman x The James Brand

The Timex Ironman may be the most celebrated digital sports watch, both in and out of the watch-conscious. It is no surprise, then, to see The James Brand, maker of quality everyday carry gear, partner with Timex on this particular model. The collaboration piece is a throwback to the Ironman watches of yore, marked with bright yellow, red, and blue accents on the case and strap. These playful design choices don’t just look retro; they help with visibility. It’s still an Ironman at the end of the day, and that means verifiable water resistance and an array of alarms and stopwatches at your disposal – all in a light and wearable package.

G-Shock G-LIDE

There would be no such list like this without at least one G-Shock. The G-LIDE is not your typical Casio G-Shock, however. Most prominently, it features a pixel LCD display, not unlike one found on e-readers. This special screen is easier on battery life while affording a significantly crisper readout. Another special touch is the stainless steel bezel, which contrasts nicely with the resin case and bracelet. Casio seems to have had overt fitness goals in mind with this watch’s functionality too: it has a built-in pedometer, tide and moon graphs, and even Bluetooth syncing for accurate readouts and tracking on all the data. Needless to say, this is one of the smartest G-Shocks around and a natural choice as a fitness friend.

Autodromo Group C

The Group C from Autodromo is an ode to a different kind of sport: motorsports. Through its case (designed to echo the aerodynamic silhouettes of classic cars) and retro-styled digital display, it adds a touch of flair to what is still a practical watch. The chronograph and lap timer – including split times – enable you to track elapsed time accurately. The rubber strap is perfect for more active applications and is also easily interchangeable. For the automobile lover or Group C enthusiast, there is no better watch to take for a spin.

Casio A1000

Things take a turn for the simpler with this Casio A1000, a tribute to one of Casio’s very first watches. The octagonal, gold ion plated stainless steel case is durable and attractive, and the nylon strap adds a sporty touch to what is sneakily a perfect watch with any casual outfit. The stopwatch and alarm functions allow this watch to work as a basic timer, though you’ll likely find yourself also wearing and enjoying it for what it is: a pure expression of Casio digital watch goodness.

G-Shock Retro Colors

Among the newest G-Shocks on the block, the recently-released Retro Colors collection is a callback to a series with the same name from the 2000s. Based on the 6900 model from the mid 1990s, the new watches are equipped with state-of-the-art quartz movements with automatic calendars, timers, alarms, and a distinct dial marked by three digital sub-dials. The result is classic G-Shock utility and durability in a package that makes a statement in the best way. The Retro Colors come in black, white, and pink, allowing wearers to truly personalize.

G-Shock Watch Purple White Retro Colors