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Five Travel Essentials for the Summer
Words by Windup Watch Shop

As summer gets underway (and it certainly feels like it in many places), it’s helpful to have a shortlist of travel essentials wherever you may find yourself. Fear not: the Windup Watch Shop offers an incredible variety of watches, clocks, accessories, and gear that will faithfully accompany you on your journeys and get the job done. Here are our travel essentials picks from the shop – you’ll find GMT watches, leather cases, and tools that you won’t want to leave home without. As always, the Windup Watch Team is at your disposal to answer any questions you have. Just schedule a consultation, and we’ll get you on your way.


SKX Sports Style GMT

Long before the current line of Seiko Sports watches, the Seiko SKX was a bonafide hero in the watch world. Durable, affordable, and reliable, it was the poster child for what an excellent enthusiast’s watch could be. Fast forward, and we have a new member of the SKX family: the Sports Style GMT. Thanks to the Seiko 4R34 movement, we now have independently adjustable hour hands, hacking seconds, and a GMT bezel for tracking time zones. The SKX GMT retains its predecessor’s wrist-friendly dimensions at 42.5mm x 46mm, and it can be configured in a variety of colors. In our opinion, it’s about as good a travel watch as you’ll find around for its price.

Convoy Leather Watch Roll

A leather watch roll is an invaluable companion for both you and your timepieces. In addition to the obvious storage and protection benefits it provides (and thereby eliminating the need to throw your watches in a sock, something this author has done before), a great watch roll can also double as a protective surface on which to display or work on the watches. So whether you want to show off that great collection of yours or execute a precise strap change, you’re covered. Convoy Co’s leather watch rolls are top notch and can be had in multiple colors. With full-grain Italian nappa leather and triple stitched pocket openings, it will hold up to four watches and look good doing it.

Strap-Changing Multi-Tool

Did someone say precise strap change? It’s not often we share a unique Worn & Wound invention, but this is one. The Windup Watch Shop’s Strap-Changing Multi-Tool is a clever solution to the world’s most dire strap change problems. But seriously, this is one useful tool thanks to its dual-end design that accepts reversible tool heads. Choose from a poker tip, fork, or flathead and simply configure the double-sided setup however you like. With a knurled edge for grip and caps on both ends, it’s a product that has been designed with the user in mind. The tool even splits in half to accommodate jobs that require two screwdrivers. Pick one up today so your future you can thank you.

Tactile Turn x ADPT Slim Side Click

A handy pen is something you don’t often think about until you need one. Filling out customs and immigration forms, writing a quick note, signing important documents, you name it. Tactile Turn and ADPT have teamed up to create a fun and functional writing instrument that you can bring along and rely on. The Slim Side Click is what you’d expect: a slim, side click pen that looks cool and is fun to use. It is made of titanium and features an attractive color scheme that evokes earthly tones, appropriate for a collaboration with an outdoor-focused brand like ADPT. This Side Click accepts Pilot G2 0.7mm refills but should work with a variety of refills. 

Marathon Mini Travel Alarm Clock

Think a travel alarm clock is a thing of the past? Think again! The Marathon Mini Travel Alarm Clock is charming and vintage-inspired but will do exactly what you’d expect. It is powered by a smooth-sweeping seconds hand that is totally silent, and alarm-setting and snoozing functions are effortless. At night, an ambient light sensor activates a soft glow to provide illumination. Its compact dimensions, 2.7 in wide, 2.7 in tall, and 1.9 in thick make it easy to pack. Two AA batteries are included. 

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