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Our Valentine's Day Sale: Gear They'll Love
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Love is in the air. But there’s another pleasant aroma, a sweet fragrance of fiscal responsibility and savings. That’s right, friends, the Windup Watch Shop is proud to present this year’s Valentine’s Day Sale, which begins February 9th and runs through February 15th (11:59 PM ET) for all you procrastinators. Save up to 15% on select items and take a look all throughout the shop as deals abound in every corner. To help you get started, here are just a few of the many deals waiting to be found and loved. Take advantage of this special sale and score some brownie points with your Valentine this year. As always, we encourage you to join our rewards program to earn points and save with every purchase.

Watches on Sale

What better place to start than with watches? Choose from our incredible selection of watches, including the venerable military-based Benrus 3061. In a similar vein, Marathon Watches are famously reliable for the money but are even more of a value proposition thanks to this special sale. It’s not all about the Swiss, either; our wide selection of Citizen watches are also on sale. For a bird’s eye view of all the watches currently on sale in the Windup Watch Shop, visit this link here.

Deals on Clocks

It’s not just the watches that get love here; our selection of Seiko clocks is also on sale! Underrated and underappreciated, these clocks are an easy way to spruce up a space at home and also make great gifts for the horological or Seiko enthusiast in your life. View our entire collection of clocks right here; we’ve got everything from Seiko digital clocks to minimally elegant options from Junghans and Marathon. Your wall (or desk or shelf) will thank and appreciate you.

Accessories on Sale

Venture out and expand your love affair with watches and clocks by dabbling in our extensive offering of accessories. In particular, enjoy the limited time deals on Convoy Co products and our very own Windup Watch Shop-branded products, all of which are on sale. For the truly afflicted and indecisive about what watch to buy, take the easy way out and pick up some surefire practical accessories.

EDC Bargains

You didn’t think we forgot about EDC, did you? Be prepared for that romantic hiking, camping, or skiing trip and scoop up some essential daily carry for your next adventure. We’d like to put a special spotlight on these pens, knives, and other gear from Craighill; arguably nobody combines utility and beauty than they. Not to be outdone, however, Pioneer Carry comes swinging for the fences with their signature cardholders, pouches, and wallets. Last but not least, Giant Mouse doesn’t disappoint with their selection of thoughtfully designed and created knives and caplifters.

Special Sales on Straps

Everybody knows there is no better way to rekindle that fire and love with a watch than by changing a strap or two. You’re in luck this week, then, as we have some fantastic deals in this department also. Stay strapped and be sure to take a look at our amazing selection of straps from the likes of ADPT and Crown & Buckle, among others. As part of this special Valentine’s Day sale, enjoy a BOGO (buy one, get one) 50% off on Italian leather straps.