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Four Great Watch Straps with Free Domestic Shipping
Words by Windup Watch Shop

We have an exciting announcement to make here at the Windup Watch Shop: all products under $100 are now also eligible for free domestic shipping in the continental United States, essentially opening our entire online store to enjoy this new perk! We hope this makes it even easier and more appealing to shop the very best watches, clocks, and straps at any price point. Today’s special highlight is on some of the best straps that we offer – from quality leather straps to mil-spec NATO straps, these are the best way to add variety and refresh the way your watches wear and feel. Here are several great options that now also come with free shipping across the US.

As always, the Windup Watch Shop Team is available for consultation to answer any questions you have – or even set up a demo. Connect with us to learn more!

Model 2 Premium

Designed and manufactured by Worn & Wound in New York City, the Model 2 Premium is a refinement of the original Model 2 Classic Strap. Every component of the strap has been carefully considered: look at the hand-tied knots, the painted edges, and the wide leather band that conjures images of military equipment. The goal was to create a versatile strap that could live on both dressier and sportier watches, and we think we’ve succeeded. Configure yours today in a variety of sizes and colors!

ADPT Mil-Strap

As a brand that focuses on the life lived outdoors, ADPT certainly knows how to build good straps. Full stop. Their US-made Mil-Strap is the only American-made strap of its kind and comes in a dizzying array of colors and sizes. The double-pass mil-straps feature nice contrast stitching, custom 316L stainless steel components, and solid US-made buckles. A good NATO is a staple in any watch collector’s box, so be sure to pick up a few and wear them all year round.

Crown & Buckle Matte Supreme Mil-Strap

Crown & Buckle have not seen it fit to leave the NATO strap alone. Take some designers and engineers, put them in a room for a long time, and this is the result. Hint: this is no ordinary nylon strap. The Matte Supreme is made of a proprietary fabric that has been created to feel canvas-like in its suppleness and quality. Paired with 316L steel hardware and available in a variety of finishes and hues, the Matte Supreme is our choice for one of the nicest NATO straps you can buy. You will feel and enjoy the difference all day long.

Haveston Service Strap

Sometimes you don’t need fancy fabrics or manufacturing prowess; you just want a tried and true single-pass NATO. The benefits of the single-pass strap are clear: a slimmer fit due to the omission of a second layer, a simpler, more straightforward design, and a more affordable price tag. The folks at Haveston have recognized as much, and the Haveston Service Strap is an excellent choice to add to the collection. No more need to MacGyver and cut your old straps – this one's great out of the box.

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