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G-Shock Celebrates 40 Years with New Watches and a Museum
Words by Windup Watch Shop

If you're interested in any of the 40th Anniversary watches mentioned in today's chronicle, visit the link here for those and the other G-SHOCK we carry in the Windup Watch Shop. You can also schedule a consultation at our Brooklyn Offices to try one out in person. 

On Wednesday, April 12th, Worn and Wound was invited to the G-SHOCK Soho Store in New York City for the unveiling of their 40th Anniversary watches. There we were introduced to a trio of watches directly inspired by the original DW-5000 the brand famously released in April of 1983.

First, there is the duo GMW-B5000PG-9 and GMW-B5000PS-1. These watches feature a recrystallized stainless steel case and bracelet that give them a very unique look. It reminds me of a wet metal where instead of having curvy droplets, they are more angular. Overall, the look screams toughness and are the perfect standout piece to celebrate an anniversary.

Then there is the DW-5040PG-1. Of the three releases, it's the watch with the closest resemblance and feel of the original. The highlight here of course being that golden LCD screen (And yes, it's really golden. No Lightroom tricks here.) Though some would consider this entry level G-SHOCK, the heft and golden hardware give it a premium feel.

Beyond these new watches, and what ended up being the best part of our evening, was the new G-SHOCK Museum located on the second floor of the space. It's a tribute to all things G-SHOCK. There you will find brand related artwork and displays. The brand has even created a wall featuring notable G-SHOCK's, including some former anniversary pieces from the past. 

If you happen to be in New York City, we definitely suggest stopping by G-SHOCK's Soho store and experiencing the space for yourself. It's located at 454 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012.