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Guide: Some of Our Favorite Summer-Ready EDC Gear
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Whether it’s travel or staying close to home and relaxing, there’s always some room in your EDC to add some new gear. That’s half the fun of it – looking at your daily essentials and refining them to fit your individual needs. It’s an ongoing journey that focuses on having the right gear for the job. It’s no secret that we’re all pretty big gear fans at the Windup Watch Shop, so putting together some of our favorite Summer-ready EDC gear was a no-brainer. Let’s take a look at some brand new gear in the shop that’s sure to come in handy.  

The James Brand Palmer - OD Green

Carrying a knife isn’t always an option. A pocket knife can come in handy a lot, but can be intimidating and send the wrong message. It’s all about context…unless you’re talking about The James Brand Palmer. This unique take on the utility knife is both pocket and people-friendly. The unassuming aluminum handles house a standard utility blade that locks into place thanks to a patent-pending mechanism that’s unique to The James Brand. You’ll appreciate the smooth action next time you open a box, envelope, or container. Choose from several fun anodized colors, with one that’s sure to coordinate with the rest of your carry.


Pioneer Carry Global Pouch - Earth

If you find yourself doing some travel this summer, a nicely organized pouch for all of your travel essentials is crucial. There’s nothing worse than encountering a tangle of cables in your bag while looking for your passport. Pioneer Carry’s Global Pouch is full of organization features that will take the stress out of your next trip. Multiple pockets, pouches, and zippered containers are built within a premium technical ripstop fabric shell, while a YKK AquaGuard zipper keeps your gear safe inside and liquids out. Give your essential laptop and phone chargers, keys, travel documents, and more all have a safe home to reside in within your bag.


Nitecore Tiki

Put your built-in phone flashlight to shame with the Nitecore Tiki. Pumping out a max of 300 lumens, this impossibly small and rechargeable light is perfect for carrying on your keychain setup or in your coin pocket. Even though the sun is staying out later and later, a good flashlight will illuminate the path back to your car, around the campsite, or in those hard-to-reach places around the house. With an IP66 dust and waterproof rating, the Tiki is built to last. At just a hair over 2” long and ½” wide, it’s easy to carry too. You’ll appreciate the four convenient brightness modes that allow for just the right amount of light right when you need it.


Sunco Strap Mounted Accessories

Smart watches be damned. Who needs digital features when you can just strap a thermometer and compass right onto your mechanical watch? Sunco makes a variety of strap-mounted accessories. From a simple compass to one with a rotating bezel to track your bearings, these small accessories add a bit of function to your watch. You can choose from several different styles and functions, adding a little bit of analog fun to your next trip into the great outdoors.

YStudio Series One Ballpoint Pen

Not only can you tell your story with this pen, but it can also tell yours. Crafted from brass with a black paint overlay, the finish will wear away over time. Like one of those old, beat up brass Leicas, the YStudio Ballpoint will pick up a patina the more you use it. This is one pen you shouldn’t be afraid to toss in your pocket or bag with other gear, as it only looks better with time. The pen features a unique twist deployment mechanism with an exposed spring at the top. A faceted body is comfortable to hold, similar in feel to a classic wooden pencil, but with the heft of brass.