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Haveston Mil-Straps are Now Available at Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Over the past several years, nylon mil-straps have gone from an emerging trend to a common accessory that’s just a given in every watch collector’s tool kit. Fun, colorful, comfortable, great for hot weather, and affordable, it’s easy to own several and change them per your mood. But, as trends go, the more popular they’ve gotten, the more brands have popped up, seemingly selling an identical product. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but it’s boring. Enter Haveston, a relatively young British brand that has taken a unique, themed approach to the genre. And today, we’re excited to say that we’ll now be offering them at the Windup Watch Shop.

Haveston stands out by approaching their straps with two concepts in mind. First, they stay true to the military and historical roots of pass-through/mil-straps when considering colors and materials. The result is a well-tuned palette with color combinations that complement each other well. Second, they aren’t afraid to redesign the wheel, so to speak. Though at a glance their straps might appear similar to others, features like a floating second keep, make their straps more ergonomic and comfortable to wear.

Today, we’re adding several colors of Haveston straps from three of their series; Parade, Service, and Corp. Canvas.

Haveston Parade Series

Made out of what is commonly referred to as “seatbelt” nylon, these ultra-dense straps have a remarkably soft, supple feel and feature Haveston’s floating second keeper. Designed to be a dressier variety of mil-strap, the mix of bold solid colors and refined weave makes them a more elegant choice for your watch. Available now in Hull Grey, Insignia Blue and Black No. 1 with brushed hardware in 20 and 22mm for $29.

Haveston Service Series

The Service series straps feature single-pass design, improved with a floating keeper. Made of thick, rugged nylon, each strap is color-coordinated to a specific military concept, giving them an appealing authenticity. Available now in M-1936-B, the Invasion, Roundel ‘43 and the Carrier with brushed hardware in 20 and 22mm for $29.

Haveston Corp. Canvas

Based on watch straps from the ‘40s the Corp. Canvas feature heavy-weave canvas cotton with a single pass construction, modernized with a floating keeper. For fans of that vintage military look, nothing gets you closer than one of these. Available now in M-1943 C (green), A-12 (black) and Forecastle (gray) with brushed hardware in 20 and 22mm for $29.