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Introducing Forstner Bands - Now Available at The Windup Watch Shop
Words by Ed Jelley

Originally founded in 1920, Forstner Bands have always focused on making fine accessories for wrist watches. They never ventured into actual watchmaking territory, focusing only on making the best aftermarket bracelets in the game. Several of the most iconic bracelets of the mid century fall under Forstner’s name, including the Komfit and Klip. Forstner is best known for being the metal band of choice for NASA astronauts, who were often seen with the bands fitted to their trusty Speedmasters. The brand was recently relaunched in 2019, bringing back their most iconic bracelets, and more. They didn’t just straight copy them — there are several modern conveniences and additional security measures added to each model that make them even better than the originals. We’re carrying their full lineup, which includes:


The iconic bracelet seen most often on the wrist of NASA astronauts with a highly adjustable mesh band.


A vintage style riveted bracelet, available in stretch and non-stretch versions. The three link pattern is based on an old reference that predates the iconic Oyster style bracelet.

Beads of Rice

An elegant take on the beads of rice style bracelet with alternating polished and brushed surfaces. 


Highly adjustable and breathable, this lightweight bracelet is reminiscent of a ladder, with the clasp able to grab onto rungs spaced at 3mm apart for an excellent fit on any wrist.

Flat Link

Based on one of the most sought after Omega bracelets, the Flat Link gives your moon watch a unique vintage look. Available with fully brushed or with polished accents.  

If you’ve been looking to switch up the look of your watch, then one of Forstner’s attractive bracelet options is certainly up to the task. Most feature the capability of working with a variety of lug widths and several different watch styles, so there’s something for everyone. Head over to the Windup shop to check out all of the variants, they’re available now.