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Introducing: The ADPT Strap in Rust
Words by Windup Watch Shop

We’ve always wanted to make an orange ADPT strap, but knew it was a risky proposition. Orange nylon straps tend to fall into the “that’s so bright my eyes are burning” category. Sure, signal or blaze orange straps serve a purpose where being noticed is a concern, but we’ve always aired on the side subtlety. So, it is with great excitement that today we launch Rust, a tasteful variation on orange that brings the warm color to your collection, without crying for attention.

Rust is a burnt orange that has an undeniable outdoorsy charm. Put it on a sport watch with cool colors to make them really pop, green dials for a woodsy look, or warm colors to add some tonal support. In our collection of now 10 ADPT colors, Rust sits happily with our other unique hues, Mai Tai and Paprika, creating a trio of interesting warm straps. Rust is available now in 18, 20, and 22mm in both US-Made Mil-Strap and US-Made Single Pass cuts. Check out the entire ADPT collection here.