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Introducing the Damasko DS 30 Windup Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The Damasko DS 30 is one of those hidden gems. It’s slim at 9.9mm thick and nimble at 39mm wide. It’s tough, machined out of submarine steel, which is harder than 316L steel as well as more antimagnetic and anticorrosive, and has been additionally hardened for extra durability. It’s versatile, with 200m of water resistance letting you be confident should you want to take it underwater, yet modest in appearance, making it welcome at the office. It also features some of Damasko’s proprietary technology, specifically their fantastic patented crown system.

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It’s also a great value for an expertly machined German-made watch with a Swiss automatic movement. Basically, it’s a perfect everyday tool watch, as its ever-growing cult following can attest. Which is why today, we’re truly ecstatic to announce that we’re launching a new series of the DS 30, available exclusively at the Windup Watch Shop.

For the DS 30 Windup Editions, we took these already fantastic watches and modified a few details to make them our own, added a new dial color, and a new case-finish as well. The aesthetic changes are subtle but effective and limited to the dial. Instead of the flaring Roman sword hands typically found on the DS 30, we went with straight swords. The narrower profile of these hands naturally match with the rectangular markers of the dial and have a slightly more austere, graphic appearance. Next, we moved the date window from three to six in an effort to emphasize the symmetry of the cross-hair dial. On the case-back, you’ll find we’ve added the Windup shop star logo, as well the new serial number, and the individual number of the watch.

*case-back not final

In addition to those changes, we’ve also added a new dial color into the mix; olive. We’re always a big fan of military and drab greens, and given the tool watch aesthetic of the DS 30, we felt it would be a perfect match. It’s a deep olive with almost a bronze cast to it that looks fantastic. For those who pay attention to the details, we also made sure to match the date disk to the dial, for a clean, seamless look.

Lastly, we’re very excited to say that the DS 30 Windup Editions will be the first DS 30s available with Damasko’s DAMEST® Black coating, which is applied over bead blasted hardened submarine steel. This super hard DLC coating actually consists of three proprietary layers, creating a near-impervious, deep black coating around the watch. On the slim 39 x 46 x 9.9mm DS 30 case, the DAMEST® coating adds an unmistakably sleek and aggressive character to this watch.

The DS 30 Windup Edition will be available in four variations: black dial with steel case, black dial with DAMEST® coated case, olive dial with steel case, and olive dial with DAMEST® coated case.

DS 30 Windup Edition Black Dial / Bead Blasted Hardened Submarine Steel

This is the classic DS 30, modified to our specifications. Rugged, functional, utilitarian, you simply can’t go wrong with this version. Preorder now for $999

DS 30 Windup Edition Black Dial / DAMEST® Black

With the addition of the black case, this combo becomes a stealthy, tactical spin on the classic variation. Preorder now for $1097

DS 30 Windup Edition Olive Dial / Bead Blasted Hardened Submarine Steel

The olive dial adds an earthy, camo-tone into the mix. This simultaneously softens the look of the DS 30, while adding a more stylized appeal. Preorder now for $999

DS 30 Windup Edition Olive Dial / DAMEST® Black

The wildcard of the group, the mix of the olive dial and the black case is undeniably cool, aggressive and stylish. Preorder now for $1097

The DS 30 Windup Edition Watches are currently available for preorder with shipping expected in August