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Introducing the Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto 40mm, and More Models Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

2020 has been an odd year for releases, with many coming out later than would normally be expected. But, that’s fine, as we’re always happy to see cool new watches hit the market. In the last several weeks Hamilton has dropped a few surprises that we’re sure fans of the brand will be very excited to see. Along with a couple of other releases from this year, including an iconic digital watch and a true GMT, we’re happy to announce the below additions to the Windup Watch Shop’s Hamilton catalog.

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto 40mm

This version of Hamilton's charming Intra-matic auto is a hybrid of two designs at a new size. By mixing the svelte lines of the dressier 38mm model with the coloration and attitude of the motorsport-fueled chronographs in a mid-size 40mm case, Hamilton has created a great everyday watch. Just elegant enough to slip under the cuff at work, while bold enough and aggressive enough for weekend fun. 

Fueled by a retro aesthetic, the Intra-matic Auto 40mm has gorgeous case lines with sharp lugs, and a gently domed sapphire crystal. Two-tone dials in blue/beige or beige/black mix applied markers and printed numerals for a classic look. Strong hands make reading the time easy no matter the angle, and a date at six keeps the dial symmetrical. Lume plots on the dial and hands give you an edge in the dark, and gorgeous leather straps make the watches ready to wear out of the box. The Intra-Matic Auto also features Hamilton’s 80-hr H10 movement for reliable timekeeping. $995 for uniquely Hamilton style.

Hamilton Khaki King Field PVD

The Khaki Field King is a beloved model from Hamilton's recent archives that we're thrilled to see making a return. Appropriately named the King, this rugged field watch features a gorgeous brushed finish under stealthy black PVD, setting it apart from previous generations. Inside is also a newer generation of movement in the H-40, which features an excellent 80-hours of power reserve. 

The star of the King, per say, is the full day and date window sitting at 12 on the dial. An uncommon version of this complication, it's easy to read and oddly attractive. The rest of the dial has classic military-inspired appeal with large numerals and some cool textures. At 40mm the Khaki Field King is perfectly sized for a robust sports watch. It's bold and tough, yet won't be a burden on a like excursion. A great value at $695.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter GMT

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto GMT is a prime example of the brand's dedication to pilot's watches. A truly modern entry into the genre, it features two outstanding features for pilots and the jet-set: a conversion bezel and a "true" GMT complication. The bezel is essentially a slide-ruler which can be used to convert and calculate all sorts of data on the fly, including mph to kph or even currency. The "true" GMT, however, is the star of the show. A version of the GMT complication that used to only be available on higher-priced watches, it allows for the hour hand to be jumped back or forth, without affecting the minutes hand, upon entering a new timezone.

The watch itself then has a commanding presence at 44mm. The case is exceptionally crafted, featuring gently curving contours, elegant brushing, and polished bevels. It's a large watch, but given the amount of information on display, it utilizes the space to convey everything clearly. The metallic blue dial is absolutely gorgeous and features a combination of textures allowing for visual distinction between the lumed hour markers, and the printed 24-hour index. Available now for $1,445.

Hamilton PSR

When you think of vintage watches, digital is not likely to come to mind, yet it was a full 50 years ago that Hamilton unveiled their incredible Pulsar watch. A truly revolutionary innovation at the time, it was made of solid gold and cost over $2,000, which was a lot in '70s dollars. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this amazing, world-changing achievement, Hamilton has brought back this original design, with a few modern updates.

The PSR is a fairly faithful recreation of the original's futuristic "tv" dial design. Rendered in solid steel, it measures 40.8 x 34.7mm with an integrated bracelet. While the case stays true, the digital display has been vastly upgraded with a hybrid LCD/OLED design. This unique display is "always on" showing the time in dim, but readable red numerals. A hit of the button on the side ups the brightness tremendously making the numerals glow.

For fans of Hamilton, vintage tech, as well as interesting and unique timepieces with great stories, the PSR is a watch to add to your collection. $745 for something quite unique.