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Introducing the Juvo Luxury x Worn & Wound Watch Winder
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Anyone who has owned a watch winder will tell you that it’s a bit of a game changer for your collection. Being able to swap between watches and come back to a watch after several days or weeks and having it still be running, correct time and date set, is not only very satisfying, it’s super convenient. This is especially true if you have a vintage watch with a non-quickset date, or finicky calendar complication. Additionally, it’s a nice way to put one of your favorite watches on display at home.

Today, we’re excited to launch the Juvo Luxury x Worn & Wound watch winder. To create our very first winder, we teamed up with the great folks at Juvo, who are known for producing high-quality, but reasonably priced winders. Naturally, we didn’t want the winder to be like every other winder out there, so we customized it to meet our expectations. We wanted a winder that would fit in with the modern home; something compact, discreet and attractive. A winder that would blend in with its surroundings, but look good standing on its own as well.

So, we selected a material palette inspired by Scandinavian furniture, featuring a Pine veneer exterior, medium, soft gray lining material and white holder. We applied that to a small form factor single watch winder that measures 4.6” L x 5.4” W x 5” H. Combined with the subdued color combination, it’s a winder that can happily sit on a bookshelf, side table or desk without calling too much attention to itself, and puts the focus on whatever watch is currently being wound.

Despite its minimal appearance, it’s still a full-featured winder. On the back is a touch LCD screen, through which you can control the revolutions per day as well as winding direction. The winder can be powered by the supplied adapter, or with three AA batteries, allowing it to sit places where power is inconvenient. It features a super-quiet motor, so there should be no concern of an annoying sound when it’s on.

The Juvo Luxury x Worn & Wound Watch Winder is available now for $160 and ships for free in the US. Grab one here today