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Introducing the Laco Augsburg and Aachen Taupes - Available Now at Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

For Pilot watch enthusiasts, Laco watches really needs no introduction. Founded in 1925, they were one of the original manufacturers of German Flieger watches. Still based in Pforzheim, Germany, where they design, manufacture and/or assemble their watches, Laco is known for their exacting quality, exceptional finishing, and attention to design detail. In an industry where many brands produce similarly styled watches, Laco stands out by having a heritage and authenticity few others can match.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be bringing Laco Watches into the Windup Watch Shop, beginning with a very special exclusive opportunity to pick up their new limited edition watches, the Augsburg and Aachen Taupe.

The Augsburg and Aachen watches are part of Laco’s Basic Pilots line. They feature a modern-styled case machined out of brushed steel and topped with sapphire crystals. Inside are Miyota 821A automatic movements, a reliable engine. The Augsburg is a classic Type A dial with bold hour numerals, while the Aachen is a Type B or navigator dial, with a prominent minute track and a small hour index.

For the limited edition, both have been rendered with a unique sunburst taupe surface. A warm gray by definition, the taupe lends an appealing and unexpected look to the classic pilot genre. Ranging in color from steel-gray to pale champagne, the dial shifts depending on the light. It at once works perfectly for a military-based watch, speaking to drab, desert-camo tones, while also adding a level of metropolitan refinement. The metallic color is subtle, playing off of the white indexes to create a tempered overall aesthetic.

Both feature Laco’s 42 x 49.75 x 12mm pilot case. A rugged, bold design, it has a wide dial aperture making the unique taupe surface really stand out. A great feature of this design is also the squat onion crown on the right side, which speaks to the history of the flieger watch while maintaining a comfortable profile. Flipping the watch over, there is a display case back showing off the Miyota 821A movement inside. For the limited edition, the number of the watch is also indicated out of 500.

The Aachen and Augsburg Taupes both come on pale brown nubuck straps with a noticeable grain and supple feel. They are riveted and feature contrast edge-stitching as well as a 2mm taper. It’s a gorgeous strap that perfectly complements the light, but warm dial tone, and will look great with faded jeans and a bomber jacket.

The Aachen and Augsburg Taupes are a new twist on a timeless genre. They maintain the utilitarian features that define a quality pilots watch while adding in taste and personality that speaks to their modern position as part of a well-styled outfit. With a price tag of $460 and a limited quantity available, this isn’t one to let pass you by.

The Laco Augsburg 42 Taupe

A classic flieger watch, the Augsburg is simple, clean and handsome. The Laco Augsburg 42 Taupe is limited to 200 pieces and is available here.

The Laco Aachen 42 Taupe

A true navigator’s watch, the Aachen has a more complex dial but retains an iconic charm. The Laco Aachen 42 Taupe is limited to 300 pieces and is available here.