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Introducing the new ADPT US-Made Single Pass Straps - Available Only at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

In 2017, Worn & Wound launched ADPT - All Day, Purpose, and Terrain watch straps. The only fully American-made nylon watch straps on the market at the time, and still the only regularly available, we painstakingly sourced or custom-made every component in the US. Based on historical mil-strap designs, and made out of rugged 420D nylon, with 316L stainless steel hardware, we’ve grown the collection to include nine brilliant colors, including the unique Mai Tai, Paprika, and Thalo Blue hues. Since launch, several thousand ADPT straps have sold, becoming staples in many watch collections around the world. Now, in 2020, we’re excited to announce the addition of a new style of ADPT strap, the US-Made Single Pass.

Still utilizing our American supply chain and manufacturing, the Single Pass straps are a logical extension of the ADPT line. A simpler strap featuring just a strip of nylon, a wide, fixed nylon keeper, and a sewn-in 316L buckle, Single Pass straps offer the comfort and breathability of nylon, with a more minimal style. Simply slip behind the spring bars of your watch, and you’re good to go. Visually, they appear as just a line of color behind your watch, no extra hardware or bulk. To add a little unique flair to the ADPT Single Pass, all colors except Black feature contrasting Black keepers. 

In addition to a clean look, Single Pass straps are also very comfortable. Because they lack the extra flap of nylon found on mil-straps, there is only a single layer of material, letting your watch sit closer to your wrist. Additionally, you can position your watch closer to the keeper for a more military look, or towards the center, which positions the keeper under your wrist for a classic look and feel. Either way, you’ll barely know they are your wrist, especially during the summer and things get sweaty.

The new ADPT US-Made Single Pass straps are $39, and available in Admiralty Gray, Black, Coyote, Forest, Mai Tai, Navy, Paprika, Sage, and Thalo Blue - all in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm.