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Introducing the Stowa x Worn & Wound Flieger Verus Grau Limited Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop
Today, we are thrilled to announce Worn & Wound's third collaboration with Stowa Watches, the Flieger Verus Grau LE. The LE is available now for pre-order, shipping beginning in October, details below.

Stowa x Worn & Wound Flieger Verus Grau LE

In 2017 we created a new take on Stowa’s iconic Antea watch, bringing back elements of the 20’s Bauhaus design while adding some warm, rugged tones. Then in 2018 we took Stowa’s casual and epically wearable Partitio for a spin, adding in a denim blue surface for a fresh attitude. Now, in 2019, we’ve worked with Stowa on their Red Dot design award winning Flieger Verus to create a version of this modern pilot’s watch with new appeal.

One of Stowa’s newer lines of watches, being only a few years old, the Verus is a 40 x 48.6mm pilot’s watch based on historical flieger designs, but with a distinctly up-to-date feel. The fully bead-blasted case is defined by a thin mid-section and a pronounced bezel, amounting to a nimble 10.2mm profile, making it an effortless wear. An onion crown at three hints to older generation fliegers while providing a tactile surface for use when setting the time or hand-winding. Then through the open case-back the workhorse ETA 2824-2 is visible, on which “WORN & WOUND - X/100” has been inscribed on the rotor, serializing the LE.

The dial of the Verus is mix of bold numerals and markings with edge-to-edge lumed hands for high legibility day or night. What makes the Verus different, and more contemporary, is the rounded detailing found on all markings and type on the dial. This gives it a graphic sensibility not found on the stark Type A and B fliegers. There is also a round date window integrated at six for minimal disruption of the dial.

For the collaboration, we wanted to only slightly change this already very appealing design, giving it a bit of a more urban appeal. To that end, we made the dial a flat, neutral, medium gray with matching date disk. A pale concrete tone, it provides enough contrast to the white/lume print, while bringing the matte gray of the bead-blasted case into the dial. The result is subtle, but surprising twist on this design, giving it a new personality.

For straps, the Verus Grau comes with a black leather strap from Stowa, and a custom Coyote ADPT Strap. For the ADPT, we had the American-made 316L steel hardware bead blasted to match the case, and then changed the contrast stitch to steel gray, tying it all together. The earthy, golden color of the Coyote strap is an appealing complement to the understated gray of the dial. The two-piece black leather option from Stowa provides a classic, versatile alternative.

The Stowa x Worn & Wound Flieger Verus Grau LE is an exciting addition to our archive of collaboration pieces, and a wonderful, sporty complement to the two previous Stowa LEs. The watch is limited to 100 pieces, ships worldwide and is available for purchase here for $780 including free worldwide shipping.