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Introducing the Tactile Turn x ADPT Harvest Side Click Pen
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Tactile Turn makes some really impressive pens, all designed and machined down to the screws and springs in America. Since ADPT (“adapt” All Day, Purpose, and Terrain) got its start by manufacturing the only readily available US-Made nylon watch straps, teaming up with Tactile Turn on a custom, colorful, pen seemed like a natural combination. Today, we’re excited to announce the Tactile Turn x ADPT Harvest Slim Side Click, a cerakoted (a baked on ceramic finish) combination of olive green, coyote brown, and flame orange.

A perfect match with the Harvest ADPT Series 1 Watch and ADPT EDC Watch Pouch, the Tactile Turn x ADPT Harvest Slim Side Click features a deep, muted earthy green, found on the pusher, side click, and clip screw. The shaft of the pen in rendered a gorgeous coyote tan with a subtle metallic luster. The deep pocket clip is then a bright, matte flame orange. It stands out, making it easy to find the pen on your desk, and adds an accent to your pocket when clipped on.


Measuring 5.8” long, with a .375” diameter shaft, the Tactile Turn Slim Side Click pen sits very comfortably in the hand. Along the length of the pen you’ll find Tactile Turn’s signature texture adding to grip and comfort. A large pusher at the top reveals the ball-point pen, and a press of the Side Click button will retract it with a satisfying click. A newly designed deep-carry click, adorned with ADPT’s “turbulence” pattern and “A” logo, will keep the pen safe and secure in your pocket.


Limited in production, the Tactile Turn x ADPT Harvest Slim Side Click is available now for $199

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