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Introducing the Tool Watch Box - the Watch Display Box you've Been Waiting for
Words by Windup Watch Shop

What do you do with your watches when they are off your wrist? Do you keep them tucked away, safe, but lonely, where no one can enjoy their beauty? This age-old question has plagued watch collectors since the very first time a watch fell off a bed-side table. The solution? A watch display box, of course. But which? In our experience, they are either too cheap and made of unappealing materials, too expensive to justify actually purchasing, or aesthetically just not to our tastes. That is why today we are overwhelming excited to officially announce our newest must-have accessory - the Tool Watch Box.

Tired of humidor-esque watch boxes, we set out to make one that suited our tastes. Quickly, we came to realize that the iconic red toolbox was nearly the size and shape of an average watch box. One of those accidentally beautiful objects, they are designed for utility, yet highly appealing, much like the tool watches that we all covet today. The rest, as they say, is history.

Starting from scratch, we designed the Tool Watch Box to meet our desires. First and foremost, we wanted it to be solid as a rock. So, we made it out of thick sheet metal, with metal components, and a heavy, glass display window. When you pick up the the Tool Watch Box, you know you’ve got something serious in your hands. The clasps flip with a satisfying snap, making sure the lid stays firmly closed. On the sides are folding strong-box handles made of solid metal, providing a solid and secure way to carry the box, or slide it in and out of a safe. And then when you open up box, the lid, with its large glass window, feels like a small vault door.

Of course, like the watches that will likely be within, we wanted the Tool Watch Box to be rugged and utilitarian, yet luxurious. So, for the interior we designed a 12-slot tray made out of mahogany-stained wood, each deep set as to prevent watches from knocking into each other, and wide enough to hold watches up to 48mm in total width (side to crown). For pillows, we didn’t want pleather or velour, rather a material that we actually like to look at - tweed. Gray and black with small flecks of brown, you’ll wish you had a jacket made of it. Lastly, the inside of the chassis is lined with a black micro-suede, giving it a soft surface.

The Tool Watch Box will come in two versions to start - bright red and matte black. The red is exactly what you imagine, vivid, bold and shiny. It’s meant to evoke those classic tool boxes, and be a striking accent in your home. While it’s the idea that spawned the Tool Watch Box, we also get that red isn’t for everyone, so we also made it in matte black. Deep, dark, and far more subtle, the matte black version is extremely sexy, but understated.

A perfect gift for a fellow collector, or to yourself, the Tool Watch Box is available now in limited quantity for $249. Head here to pick one up today.