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Just A Minute With The New Crazy-Colored G-Shocks
Words by Windup Watch Shop

“Just a Minute” is a short-form video series designed to present all the facts about our favorite products in under 60 seconds. These are easy to consume and provide quick but meaningful rundowns on everything you need to know. As always, we encourage you to join our rewards program to earn points and save with every purchase. The Windup Watch Shop team is also available to schedule a consultation with you and answer any questions you have.

This edition of Just A Minute is extra colorful – and a little crazy, in G-Shock terms. The Retro Colors 2024 collection is a throwback to a series with the same name from 16 years ago. That 2008 trio also consisted of black, white, and pink(ish purple) models, and G-Shock is paying homage by releasing a new set of 6900-series watches in the same three colors. Just like before, these are lighthearted yet functional while adding a small touch of inside baseball that should appeal to both old and new G-Shock fans alike. To get the lowdown, check out our video below.