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Marathon MSAR Automatics are Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Just a few weeks back we brought Marathon’s tough mil-spec tool watches into the shop. Starting with a selection of their fibre-shelled Navigator and General Purpose watches, they added an option to the shop for those looking for military authenticity and style all at an affordable price point. Today, we’re very excited to add two automatic watches from their higher-end, Swiss-made, steel dive watch line to the shop.

The MSAR or Medium Diver’s Automatic was created as a smaller scale entry into Marathon’s line of genuinely tough-as-nails dive/search and rescue watches. Coming in at 36mm, the MSAR is truly a bit smaller than is common for a tool-diver, but it lacks nothing in toughness. Still built to government and ISO standards, it’s a 300m diver with a thick sapphire, massive and easy to grip bezel, mil-spec dial, and, of course, tritium gas tubes for all-day illumination. It’s built like a tank, with a solid and appreciable heft. It’s also powered by a Sellita SW200 automatic movement, which is reliable and hearty. 

What it lacks in size the MSAR makes up for in attitude. On the wrist the MSAR makes a statement. It’s aggressive, bold, blocky, and, frankly, just badass. Thanks to its 36mm diameter and classic mil-spec dial design, the MSAR feels more like a field watch on steroids than a dive watch, in a good sense. The MSAR is a great everyday watch that can take a beating, is easy to read day or night, is happy to take a dive, and looks good all the while.

In short, we’re very excited today to bring two versions of the MSAR into the Windup Watch Shop: Black and Artic. Both come mounted to rugged steel bracelets and feature a complimentary black rubber strap for $945.

But wait, there’s more! When we first added the Navigators to the shop, we were missing one version, the Sage Green - No Date. The dark green case has an added ruggedness thanks to the sterile dial. This version is available now for $270 and comes with a complimentary strap compass so you won’t get lost on your next adventure.