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Marathon release a stainless steel version of their Navigator
Words by Windup Watch Shop

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Since 1986, the Marathon Navigator has positioned itself as one of the most reliable, well built, pilot's watches out there. From its familiar dial and asymmetrical case shape, to its bi-directional bezel and composite fiber case. Together, these design elements have long since camped out in the minds of many a collector as the defining features of this reference.

Yet at the same time, though much beloved and respected, fans of the Navigator have been asking for one thing. One change to this mil-spec'd watch. And that is a stainless steel case. For years, they've yearned for the heft, secureness, and new possibilities of steel.

Well finally, Marathon has answered the call. And the resulting watch, the SSNAV-D, is quite a step forward for the reference.

First off, we now have a screw down crown. This simple change has aided the watch in achieving a higher water resistance; jumping from the 60 meters of the composite fiber version, to a more welcomed 100 meters on the stainless steel. In addition, Marathon has also managed to give us a 2mm decrease in thickness, dropping from 13mm to 11mm.

In terms of aesthetics, the SSNAV-D, with its matte stainless steel case, has a more toolish appearance than its predecessors. On the wrist, it screams "take me through my paces. I can take whatever you throw my way."

If that sounds like something you're keen on doing, you have two options with this new Navigator. You can purchase it on Marathon's Ballistic  strap for $800 or go for the metal hardware and get the watch on Marathon's DefStan strap for $830.

Whatever you decide, know that you are getting one heck of a watch, built to amazing standards, and meant to last.