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New Affordable Retro Watches from Casio and Timex: Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Buckle your seatbelts, this week’s launches are all stops on nostalgia-highway. We’ve got a cool collaboration between two great brands that will have you putting flowers in your hair, some video game characters, and just general retro-goodness. Let’s get into it with an exciting announcement: a curated selection of Casio Vintage watches are now available in the Windup Watch Shop.

Casio, you know, the famous brand from Japan that’s behind products like G-SHOCK, as well as that synthesizer that was in your parents home growing up? Well, in addition to their rugged tech-forward watches, they have a line of throwback models that are as fun as they are affordable. Today, we’re launching the brand with a few styles including one of their newest.

Casio Vintage A100

The A100 is based on Casio’s first resin-cased watch, the F-100 from 1978. A sleek piece of tech at the time, the faceted case is still unique to this day as it moved the buttons from the case sides to the face. This watch was so cool that it was worn by Sigourney Weaver’s character in the first Alien film. Well everything old is new again and Casio’s brought it back for 2021. It’s every bit as cool as the original, with a 32.7mm x 40.7mm x 9.2mm resin case, and a steel bracelet. Now available in Black, Silver, and Gold, the A100 is available now starting at $55. 

Casio x PAC-MAN A100

If the A100 wasn’t cool enough for you, this special collaboration edition will do the trick. It’s the same watch, but this time covered in PAC-MAN graphics. The golden resin case features full color print inserts around the LCD screen and button array showing the little yellow guy gobbling up dots while being chased by ghosts. It doesn’t end there, however, as the graphics are then laser etched into the black IP coated bracelet for a cool, ghostly texture. For fans of this iconic video game, this version of the A100 is a perfect match. $99 and available now. 

Casio Vintage A1000PRW-1

The A1000 is Casio’s classic LCD watch, but this one has a special feature. Coming in at 38mm x 39.6mm x 7.3mm, the octagonal case shape has a lot of presence and retro-charm. What sets this version apart is the pink rainbow IP coating on all surfaces. An iridescent, psychedelic color party, it changes in the light like an oil slick on water. Colors range from blues to golds to pinks for a truly dynamic look. This treatment is not just on the watch head, but also the steel mesh bracelet, adding to its impact on the wrist. $180 and this one is yours.

Timex x Coca-Cola 1971 Unity Collection

Next up, we’re still in the 70’s, but a few years earlier this time. In 1971 Coca-Cola ran their famous “Hilltop” commercial, featuring a large group of people singing in harmony about how they wish they could buy the world a coke. 50 Years later, Timex has teamed up with the beverage brand to create a series of watches inspired by the groovy feel and tone of the iconic commercial. 

First up, we have the Q Timex 1971 Unity Collection. Based on the 38mm Q that we all know and love, this date free edition features a cream colored dial with outlined lumed markers in colorful highlights. At the center of the dial is a large rainbow over the word peace, both rendered in a style that will have you thinking about School House Rock. The brushed steel 12-hr bezel is complemented by a brushed case and bracelet for a clean, stylish look. $189 for this ticket down memory lane.

Next is a digital spin on the 1971 Unity Collection with the T80. Basically, it’s the T80 silver you are likely familiar with, but with a new face that might have you breaking out into a Fosse routine. The graphic plate has been adorned with a flower-power pattern featuring Coca-Cola bottles and swirling colors. Get funky for $89.

But wait! There’s also some new straps!

Yes, you read that right. The other week we quietly added a few new colors to our Italian strap collection you are sure to love, all available in 19, 20 and 22mm for $75. Here’s the details: 

The Hoyt, our no-stitch, rugged-styled, all-purpose strap (seriously, we’ve yet to find a watch these don’t look good on) now comes in Tempest Gray and Lamp Black. Tempest is slightly darker than a medium gray and tonally neutral, making it match everything. Lamp Black is literally the darkest, mattest black leather we’ve ever seen, and it’s amazing. This isn’t your ordinary black leather strap.

The Sackett is our cool, casual suede strap with a vintage-style. We’ve added Cinder Gray and Espresso Brown to the mix. Cinder Gray is a bit darker and meaner than the existing Storm Gray, you know, for your darker, meaner watches. Espresso brown is then that kind of rich dark brown that works on everything and can easily become a go-to choice.

The Degraw is another casual strap, but this time features a nubuck leather and rembordé edges for a clean cut style. We were lacking a classic brown, so we added one with Molasses. Dark, syrupy, and versatile, this is another grab-and-go option for fall and winter. 

Lastly, in the Wyckoff family, we added Tawny brown. Our dressiest option, the Wyckoff features a pebble grained leather for a refined look. Tawny brown is then a gorgeous medium brown with golden undertones. Bright and rich, it will make dials from black to blue really pop.