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New Zodiac Super Sea Wolfs and Last Day of Black Friday Sales
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today, we’re excited to round-out our collection of Zodiac Super Sea Wolf dive watches with six additional models, including the brand new, super sleek, ZO9276 or “Ninja” model. But before getting to them, today is 12/2/19, the last day of our Black Friday sale. So, it’s your last day to get up to 30% off select watches and 15% off all watch accessories. Additionally, and most relevant to this post, today is the last day to get our free Watch Starter Kit including an EDC Fold, Strap-Changing Multi-Tool and a Windup Polishing cloth with watches $500 and over - which all of the following watches qualify for!

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9276 “Ninja”

The newest addition to the Super Sea Wolf range, the unofficially named “Ninja” model is the only model that is fully black-plated - case, bezel and bracelet. Sleek, modern and incredibly cool looking, the black-plating emphasizes the quality of finishing, particularly on the 5-link bracelet, which is stunning.

The dial is rendered in a textured matte black and features applied polished markers, which often appear dark or black due to reflections. They are all filled with crisp white lume for great legibility, day or night. To add some distinct personality, Zodiac added a bright sea-foam green seconds hand, as well as matching flavor text on the dial. They also got rid of the date for symmetry. The overall aesthetic is truly different for a Super Sea Wolf, with more attitude and edge that other models. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO9276 “Ninja” is available now for $1,395.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression ZO9270, ZO9269 “Watermelon”, and ZO9266

Up next is a trio of colorful Sea Wolfs that make use of the sportier, blockier models modularity and versatility. The ZO9270 is the brightest of the bunch with a white dial, white bezel and orange accents. This is truly one of the greatest looking dive watches we’ve come across. The mix of white with orange is bold and fun, yet purposeful, having a touch of “safety” equipment feel. And, while wildly different, still looks great with normal attire, adding a fun accent. This one comes on a gorgeous dark blue rubber strap for $1,095. These are almost totally sold out across retailers, so get one while they last!

Then, we have the ZO9269 “Watermelon.” One of the most unique colorways of any watch anywhere, the “watermelon” mixes a silver dial with minty green bezel insert, minute hand, and markers, then contrasts the green with a coral chapter ring. Bright and colorful, this one just screams summer. Mounted to a 5-link bracelet, it’s also got some class, giving it the distinct charm of some colorful mid-century icons. Available now for $1,395.

The ZO9266 is then the most conservative of the group, though no less handsome and appealing. This model features a matching dial and bezel in dark inky blue. A deep, masculine tone, it is contrasted with an off-white chapter ring, an orange minute hand, and orange accents on the bezel. The result is more classic and than the above, with high contrast where it needs it, and an overall sporty demeanor. Available now for $1,395.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression ZO9263 and ZO9264

A nifty twosome, the ZO9263 and ZO9264 are subdued, almost military versions of the Super Sea Wolf, both featuring unique and super rugged nylon straps with deployant clasps. The ZO9263 features a black dial, bezel and hands, for a streamlined, no-fuss look, with the quirk of a bright white chapter ring. A striking, albeit simple detail, the white chapter ring separates the dial and bezel visually, giving the watch the look of a target, or even an eye. Though a black dive watch, which are far from uncommon, this one really stands out. The ZO9263 is mounted to a black nylon strap and is available for $1,195.

The ZO9264 is far more subtle, yet not lacking in personality. With a dark blue dial, light blue bezel and minute hand, and white chapter ring, the ZO9264 is not overly aggressive, yet still is quite masculine and strong in appearance. The tones of blue chosen are absolutely perfect, with the dial being rich and saturated, and the bezel/minute hand being soft and bright. This combo is reminiscent of a beautiful sky over water, and just about as soothing to look at. The ZO9265 is mounted to a dark blue nylon strap and is available for $1,195.