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New To The Shop: Gerber Gear
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Our readers know that Worn & Wound is all about celebrating the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm that comes from the appreciation of quality products and the communities around them. This includes watches, of course, and also gear. Our love for the heritage, craftsmanship, and ownership experience of these watches and tools means we carefully curate our selection in the Windup Watch Shop. We don’t just stand by what we carry; they are things we would be thrilled to own and enjoy ourselves. It’s a special occasion when we have the privilege of introducing a new brand to the Shop, and today we get to do just that. The brand? Gerber Gear. And the products? Simply fantastic.

The deeper you dive into the history of Gerber Gear, the clearer it becomes why we have chosen to partner with them to offer excellent knives, multi-tools, and equipment. Gerber’s story goes back to 1939 when founder Joe Gerber made a decision to pivot his advertising agency into – of all things – a kitchen knife company. He partnered with blacksmith David Murphy to build the fledgling company’s first set of knives, and they were sold at none other than 20th century outdoor giant Abercrombie & Fitch. Imagine walking through the doors of A&F in the early 40s and leaving with a stainless steel Heuer chronograph and a brand new set of Gerber knives!

Gerber built its first true home and factory in Portland, Oregon, in 1966 (where it still resides today) and, from there, has developed some of the finest knives and multi-tools money can buy. A contract with the United States military at that time forged an indelible bond between the two forces that still remains today. But it was in 1980 when Gerber changed the game with a revolutionary product: the LST knife. A pioneering example of the utilization of fully synthetic materials in the handle, the LST is considered the ‘Father of EDC Knives’ and became an instant classic. Its recognizable silhouette, silky smooth operation, and unimpeachable 400 series stainless steel blade would set the stage for an entire industry of everyday carry equipment. Gerber would go on to sell its first multi-tool in 1992, and the rest is history.

Like the watches we carry, the high quality gear from Gerber perfectly aligns with Worn & Wound’s unrelenting focus on great products. The brand’s rich and interesting history, commitment to quality, and long-lasting legacy makes it a natural match and choice to feature in the Shop. At a wider level, we believe the wristwatch and EDC scenes are not only closely related but also perfectly complementary. Most of all, we look forward to sharing more of the story of Gerber and all the amazing products coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned in this space! To learn more, visit our Gerber Gear page here.