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New To the Shop: The Nivada Grenchen F77
Words by Windup Watch Shop

We have a soft spot for Nivada Grenchen here at Worn & Wound. Founded in 1926 in Switzerland and distributed in the United States both under the Nivada Grenchen and Croton marques, Nivada Grenchen watches are renowned for their durability and quality. Models like the Antarctic, Chronomaster, and Depthomatic earned the respect of consumers, both professional and otherwise. In 2020, the then-dormant brand was revived with the mission of staying true to its mid-century aesthetic with modern technology. One of the latest models to hit the block is the Nivada Grenchen F77, a watch we are proud to offer here in the Windup Watch Shop. A deep dive reveals a timepiece that is both true to its predecessor and incredibly relevant today.

The 1970s continue to be, frankly speaking, a moneymaker for watchmakers at this moment. Integrated sport watches are all the rage, but it takes more than luck to stand out and build a winning product. Nivada Grenchen reaches back to 1977 and tweaks what was already an attractive design to create arguably the best integrated sports watch they have ever made. Indeed, the modern F77 not only looks good; it is a joy to wear every day.

It’s not often we see a watchmaker reduce the case size of a historical model, but that’s what has happened here. The F77’s stainless steel case measures 37mm across, one millimeter smaller than its ancestor. Lug to lug is a compact 45mm, and the thickness is a pleasant 12.65mm, which keeps the watch comfortably flat. With a variety of polished and brushed steel finishes across its angular case and bracelet, the watch is visually striking and plain fun to look at. One of the most prominent visual features is the dial, which Nivada Grenchen has adorned with a basket weave pattern. It’s the kind of finish that rewards a closer look, and it can be configured in classic blue and black – or a special, and particularly 1970s, smoky brown. Wrist presence is not an issue here. Inside the F77 is the reliable SOPROD P024 automatic movement, and in both date and no-date configurations it offers 38 hours of power reserve. In classic Nivada Grenchen fashion, both date and no-date options are offered, giving us the choice between clean, symmetric dials and practical date complications. The three-link steel bracelet is, if somewhat staid, a comfortable and perfect complement to the rest of the watch. It articulates nicely from the edge of the case and is of obvious quality. 

The F77 occupies a unique space in Nivada Grenchen’s product lineup. Although, like the other models, it is a retrospective design, its integrated bracelet-ness (if we may invent a term) places the watch squarely on the radar for both enthusiasts and mainstream consumers. Nivada Grenchen seems to have understood this and has even begun offering the F77 with special dials (Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, and even Meteorite to name a few). However for everyday wear and use, the black, blue, and brown dials are king. In the increasingly-crowded and competitive space for integrated sport watches, the Nivada Grenchen is able to set itself apart thanks to its wonderful proportions, classic good-looks, and customization options. To learn more about the F77, visit the Windup Watch Shop. 


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