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New to the Windup Watch Shop 5/16/21
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Summer is almost here, and while we’d argue you can wear any watch all year, some just feel like they want to be on your wrist in hotter weather. Today, we’ve got a few new additions to the shop that we think you’ll want to consider before you're drinking lemonade by the pool. Let’s get to it. 

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Timex T80 in New Colors

The T80 is a recreation of Timex’ iconic 80s digital watch. Simple, and square, they are a little nostalgic breath of fresh air, and proof that not all classic watches need to be mechanical. New for this summer, we have T80s in clean, bright white, and deep, dark blue. This isn’t just the watch head either, rather the whole watch, including the great stretchy bracelet, are fully colored match. The result is highly attractive. Also, these have a new bracelet design with easy to remove links, making dialing them in to a perfect fit easy. 


Vaer D5 USA Diver

Vaer was founded by a couple of young surfers based out of Venice Beach, CA. As such, they’ve always designed their watches to withstand the harsh conditions of catching waves, but, surprisingly, the D5 is their first “dive watch.” Inspired by mid-century dive watch designs, but with a flavor all their own, the D5s combine great style and stats. For $549, you get a 39mm steel case, with 200m or water resistance, a domed sapphire crystal, rubber strap and steel bracelet, and powered by a Miyota automatic movement. Oh, and they are assembled in the US. In other words, the D5s are serious sport watches at a remarkable price. Pick one up here.

Collins Sonar in Yellow and White

If you’re a fan of contemporary dive watches, the Collins Sonar is likely already on your radar. At $650, it packs a serious punch with a Swiss automatic movement, 300m of water resistance, and a design language that is graphic and unique. Already available in black, green or blue, today we’re adding them in a highly saturated yellow, and full-lume white. Those of us in NYC will see the yellow and immediately think of that unmistakable hue of Taxi cabs. In other words, it’s a color you can see from blocks away. If you want something non-traditional, but not too bright, the white dial is a great option. In lieu of lumed markers and hands, the entire dial surface glows, making these great at night.