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New Vintage-Inspired Releases from Yema - Now In The Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Yema has pulled inspiration from their vintage catalog from it comes two new watches that call back to some of their most iconic designs.Fresh in the shop are the Rallygraf Meca-Quartz and the Superman 500 GMT, each in several fun colors. Let’s take a closer look at these exciting new releases from the French brand with over seven decades of watchmaking experience. 

Rallygraf Meca-Quartz

If you’re going to pursue a vintage-styled chronograph, you might as well go with one from a brand who was actually making watches back then. Housed in a compact 39mm stainless steel case, the Rallygraf features polished surfaces throughout. While some may prefer an automatic chronograph, the Seiko VK64 Meca-quartz inside is deserving of a second look. It ticks just like a mechanical chronograph, yet it’s powered by a battery and regulated via quartz. It allows the watch to maintain its scant 11mm thickness, where nearly ⅓ is made up of the bezel and crystal. There are two funky rectangular chronograph subdials that track 24-hour time and up to 60 minutes. You can snag a Rallygraf on a matching leather strap in blue, burgundy, or maroon. 

Superman 500 GMT

The Superman is one of Yema’s most popular models, and they’re now offering it with a useful GMT complication. This timepiece packs in a ton of value, featuring an in-house GMT movement, 500m of water resistance, and a domed sapphire crystal all for just under $1400. Measuring in at 39mm and 11.52mm thick, the Superman 500 GMT almost defies its measurements by fitting a GMT movement into a case with 500m of water resistance at that size. You’ll also find the iconic bezel lock mechanism that keeps the rotating 24-hour bezel clamped in place with the crown. Whether you’re jetsetting to your next diving destination, or simply tracking another timezone for your afternoon call, there’s a lot to like about the Superman 500 GMT.

Both of these releases are now available in the Windup Watch Shop and on sale for the holiday weekend! These watches each represent an excellent value, with the Rallygraf Meca-Quartz coming in on sale at $332.10 and the Superman 500 GMT on sale for $1260. Each purchase is eligible to earn you Windup Rewards, which you can redeem later on for discounts on items in the shop!