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New Years Resolutions Friday: Learning to Cook with Watches and Clocks
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Author’s Note – I have a wholly honest admission: cooking has never been a strong suit of mine. I may or may not be responsible for the “Mac n Cheese Incident” of 2014 at The University of Texas, but that’s a story for another time. We at the Windup Watch Shop are all about character development and learning new skills, and we would venture to guess that you are too. In this first edition of our New Year’s Resolution miniseries, we’re going to tackle a vital (some would argue the most vital) skill: cooking. Bet you never thought that watches and clocks would be so relevant to the culinary arts! Read on to see how watches and clocks can be helpful in your quest to level up your skills in the kitchen.

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chronograph

We kick things off on a strong note. Cooking can get messy so a tough and reliable chronograph is a must-have. The Seiko Prospex Speedtimer Solar Chrono is a fan favorite for myriad reasons: compact size, classic good looks, and reliable caliber. The sapphire crystal can handle the pots and pans that come flying, and 100 meters of water resistance means you can really get elbow deep in those oils and liquids. A highly legible dial and easy-to-use pump pushers make for an ideal timer for anything from penne to pie. Frankly, the Seiko Speedtimer works as a watch for any occasion, and we wager that you’ll reach for this far more often than you think.

Marathon Studio Edition 12 Inch Wall Clock

A large, visible wall clock is a must-have in the home – particularly around the kitchen area – and the Marathon Studio Edition 12 Inch Wall Clock perfectly fits the bill. More than a practical fixture, however, the wall clock also adds to the overall vibe of the space. With a clean dial and overall design, this white Marathon clock conjures images of weighing scales and white aprons and is sure to become an invaluable part of your kitchen aesthetic. It has a smooth, silent, sweeping second hand and an ambient light sensor that activates in low-light conditions. The result is a soft amber glow that lights your path for those midnight snack runs.

Brew x Worn & Wound Metric Chrono Regulators

It’s only fitting we wrap things up with another chronograph, this time from the folks at Brew in collaboration with us here at Worn & Wound. The Metric Chrono Regulators may not be the most straightforward cooking device you have ever seen, but we all reach from time to time in our justifications for buying new watches, don’t we? This limited edition is based on Brew’s Metric chronograph, its iconic flagship model but with tasteful changes like removing the central hour hand in exchange for a 24-hour sub-dial. The result is a regulator style watch in the same compact size you have come to know and love from Brew. Take your pick between the red, green, or blue versions to best suit your taste. Whether you are indeed brewing, cooking, or simply helping out in the kitchen in this new year, be sure to check out these products here in the Windup Watch Shop. Bon Appétit!