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New Year's Resolutions Friday: Travel Watches
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The last few months are, and always has been, the busiest time of the year to travel. In many ways, the Thanksgiving crowd is far more predictable since the holiday falls on the same day each year. The opposite is true for the end of December as family and friends hustle to jet around the country (and the world). Having a timepiece you can rely on as you make and execute your travel plans is more than a practical consideration; it can also be a comforting companion when far from home. On this edition of new Year’s Resolutions Friday, we want to highlight watches that can be such companions – this one is for all of you who are traveling this season and for those who intend to travel more in the new year. Bon voyage!

Seiko 5 Sports GMT Series

The Seiko 5 Sports GMT was truly a monumental watch when it hit the scene last year; here was an attractive watch with travel functionality in an SKX-esque case, all for a relatively affordable price. It’s no surprise that these have been popular with collectors of every stripe given that Seiko 5 and Seiko SKX watches were high-quality stepping stones into the watch world. This charcoal gray version with subtle red-blue accents on the rehaut is an especially appealing reference; its black bezel keeps it low-key while the colors reference the most famous GMT color scheme. Thanks to its compact case shape, this is a watch that can easily be worn by anybody without too much trouble. When it comes to reliable, simple, and affordable travel watches, this just might be the best one out there.

G-Shock 40th Anniversary Remaster Black

The bumps and hazards of travel (and life) often call for a watch that is more rugged than most. Enter the G-Shock 40th Anniversary Remaster Black series. With three separate references to pick from – the classic rectangular DWE565657RE-1, the rounded DW6640RE-1, and the octagonal GA2140RE-1A – this collection is the essence of what G-Shock has delivered for four decades. Each wear smaller than you would expect, are far tougher than you can imagine, and offer the myriad functionality that G-Shock is known for: automatic calendars to keep your dates and plans in check, alarms to remind you of To-Dos, and stopwatches for…whatever you need stopwatches for during travel. This black edition series is also nondescript so you can rest easy and keep a low profile as you go about your travels.

BOLDR Odyssey Freediver GMT

Rounding things out is the BOLDR Odyssey Freediver GMT. Need a truly capable dive watch that can handle rain, snow, and everything in between? Check. How about a flyer-style GMT that can adapt to local time zones and bring the date forwards and backwards as needed? Check. With 300m of water resistance, a robust GMT-movement, and a choice of a “root beer” style black/brown or green-black bezel, the Freediver GMT is a solid offering under $1,000 that will undoubtedly serve you well wherever you find yourself in the world. We wish you safe travels, whether you are going near or far, and hope that your watches serve you well as you globetrot.