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New Year's Resolutions Friday: Watches and Fitness
Words by Windup Watch Shop

So you want to set some new fitness goals for the new year and use that as an excuse to window shop for new watches, huh? How clever. Just buy an Apple Watch – the end. Just kidding. Now that we’ve gotten the elephant in the room out of the way, you may be surprised to discover that there are solid options for watches that are genuinely useful for active lifestyles and won’t incessantly track your data or ping you. Indeed, having the right watch for the right setting can be a wonderful way to motivate and encourage you as you take on new goals. This is your New Year’s Resolutions Friday Shop Highlights: Fitness Edition. Let’s get into it.

G-Shock G-LIDE

You knew there would be a G-Shock in here. But this one’s extra special. Designed specifically with surfers in mind but useful to anyone, the new GBX100 series of G-Shock has features up the wazoo: a pedometer for tracking steps, timer for pace and laps, tides charts, training functions, and much more. It remains wearable and light thanks to its resin case and even offers a new Kindle-like display. The G-LIDE uses a high-definition MIP (Memory In Pixel) LCD panel that is crisper than before while using less power. For those who still need to stay up to date on notifications, this G-Shock has you covered with Bluetooth functionality to your cell phone. Simply put, this watch is a fitness buddy personified.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Not all fitness goals need to happen in the gym; enjoying the outdoors more and challenging yourself to reach greater heights – or depths – is a great thing to aspire to. Those who are looking for a reliable and rugged watch for exploration need look no further: just go with the best. The Khaki Field has held a special place in collectors’ hearts for decades at this point – and for good reason. There is a rich history of military provenance and interesting retailers (L.L. Bean, anyone?) to sink your teeth into, but at the end of the day the Khaki Field is simply a sublime outdoors watch for all your needs. It’s an eminently wearable, hand wound, mechanical field watch that has been cool and will always be cool.

Bulova Chronograph A-1 Military

This one’s pretty unique; it’s very waterproof but can also be used as a timer. It references oceanic themes (check out that surfboard shape on the dial) but performs just as well on land. The Bulova Chronograph A-1 Military may not be the first watch that comes to mind when it comes to fitness, but, paired with a silicon strap, it is a sleeper pick for a tough practical watch. Its dual tachymeter chapter ring and countdown bezel make it an excellent choice for a variety of activities. And of all the watches in this list, this one has the most attitude. Regardless of your health or fitness goals, we heartily cheer you on and look forward to seeing how your watches can help you achieve them.