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Norqain: New to the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Ed Jelley

The Swiss watch industry is a web of partnerships, with shared suppliers and manufacturing. There are plenty of companies that work hard on the watches that end up on our wrists without ever having their time in the limelight. The family behind Norqain wanted to combine their years of behind-the-scenes experience in order to share their own vision with the world. A brand built on authentic designs with an adventurous spirit. Their lineup is rugged, yet refined with rock-solid specs and some of the finest Swiss mechanical movements inside. The Swiss watch industry is a tough nut to crack, but Norqain has managed to come out of the gate with an impressive and accessible lineup of watches. Today, we’re excited to announce that Norqain is joining the roster of brands available at the Windup Watch Shop.

Even though Norqain has only been around as their own brand for a few years, they have decades of experience working behind the scenes in the Swiss watch industry. Taking these years of experience working with other brands, the family-run business decided to venture out on their own with a new brand. Inspired by Adventure, Freedom, and Independence, Norqain’s lineup is full of watches that seamlessly blend modern manufacturing and a mix of contemporary Swiss design with vintage influences. They offer exclusively Swiss-made movements, most being customized off-the-shelf offerings, but there’s also a proprietary movement developed in conjunction with Kenissi. 

A unique part about all Norqain watches is the screw-on plate on the side of the watch. By default, it comes emblazoned with the brand’s name, but can also be custom engraved. . While getting something engraved on the case back is a nice sentiment, it spends most of its time completely out of view. By having that special date, name, phrase, or location right on the side of the watch, you can see it while you’re wearing it, but it’s not on full display for everyone to see. It’s a subtle touch that only the wearer will notice. Windup is happy to offer complimentary engraving on all Norqain watches for a limited time. 

These handsome Swiss watches will also earn you Windup Rewards Points in the shop, which can be redeemed later on for money off your next purchase. If you’re not signed up yet, now’s the time to do it so you can take advantage of future discounts, and get a complimentary 250 points, click here to sign up

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite offerings from Norqain that are fresh in the shop:

Adventure Sport

This 42mm modern sports watch pulls inspiration from classic divers. Designed to be the perfect go anywhere, do anything watch, the Adventure Sport blends heritage design with modern flair. You’ll immediately be drawn to the pattern on the dial that’s reminiscent of carbon fiber, but is a unique Norqain accent. The bezel lacks numerals in favor of hash marks every hour. This opens up a lot of time-related tracking features whether you’re diving, timing an event, or travelling.. You can pick one up with either a black or blue dial on several different strap options.  

Adventure Sport Chrono Day/Date

If your preference for watches tends to be a bit more complicated, the Adventure Sport Chrono Day/Date is an excellent option. Featuring the same general design language as the Adventure Sport, this watch adds a chronograph function with three subdials and a day/date display. Sub dials at 6, 9, and 12 track hours, running seconds, and 30 minutes, respectively. You’ll also find a day/date display at three with white text rendered on a black date wheel to blend in with the patterned dial. Sized at 41mm, it’s a versatile, yet rugged sports chronograph. 

Freedom 60 39mm

The Freedom series draws inspiration from vintage watch design, but is firmly modern in its construction, material choices, and finishing techniques. The Freedom 60 39mm is an excellent size for most wrists, hitting the generally accepted sweet spot. Inside the watch is Norqain’s NN20/1, a movement developed in conjunction with caliber manufacturer Kenissi. The movement is chronometer certified with an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. The watch isn’t all about the movement, as the rest of the watch is simple, yet elegant.  

Freedom 60 GMT

All of the classic vintage looks of the Freedom 60, but with a subtle GMT integration. Ideal for the traveler, this watch features a sleek GMT scale to tell the time in another time zone, and the convenience of a jumping local hour hand. An anthracite gray scale is split in half to denote day and night, while a highly visible bright red GMT hand points to the second time zone’s time. The Norqain NN20/2 GMT movement inside is another  movement produced with Kenissi. It’s highly accurate, sporting a chronometer certification and will tick for an impressive 70 hours when fully wound. 

Freedom 60 GMT Bronze

Featuring all the same specs as the Freedom 60 GMT, the main difference is that this model is housed in a bronze case. Bronze naturally patinas over time, turning from a shiny golden yellow metal into a rich, dark brown. The watch will change in appearance over time depending on how (and even where) you wear it. A coordinating brown dial with gold accents really drives home the warm-toned theme of the Freedom 60 GMT Bronze.

Freedom 60 42mm

Vintage-inspired looks, but in a more modern size. The Freedom 60 42mm draws inspiration from the watches of the 1960s, but is sized up a bit for some more wrist presence. A mix of brushed and polished surfaces break up the case, while the box sapphire up top adds some vintage style. The star of the show is the blue dial with radial brushing. The subtle dome and brushing really play with the light as the angle of the watch shifts. 

Freedom 60 Chrono 43mm

This reverse panda chronograph screams mid-century style. The rich black dial and high contrast sub dials result in a highly legible watch that looks both classic and cool. The Freedom 60 Chrono measures in at 43mm wide, giving the watch an impressive presence on the wrist. Like the rest of Norqain’s watches, this one features a Swiss-made mechanical movement inside.