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Now Available - Two Bronze Bezeled Beauties by Oris
Words by Windup Watch Shop

The trend of solid bronze watches seems to have peaked in the last couple of years. They went from exotic, to special-but-common, as many brands from small and micro-independents to very large Swiss maisons started to create them on the regular. The warm, self-patinating metal is a cool alternative to the gray steels and titanium that watches are typically made from, and a far more rugged (and affordable) option for a yellow metal than gold. But, despite its recent ubiquity, only one brand has really experimented with different applications of bronze, creating timepieces that still manage to feel unique - Oris.

While they have full-bronze offerings, Oris has also used the metal in two-tone applications that typically would have been either gold or gold PVD. The result is a hybrid element that is both elegantly-decorative and rugged. Today, we’re excited to add two Oris watches to the shop that show off this unique approach, the Divers Sixty-Five Momotaro special edition and the Big Crown Pointer date in dark blue.

Oris Divers Sixty-Five Momotaro Special Edition

There’s a lot more to like about the Momotaro special edition than just the use of a bronze bezel, but it is one of several special elements to this gorgeous new version of the 65. Made in collaboration with Japanese denim house Momotaro, the watch features dark blue denim accessories that add a new urban appeal to the watch. From the strap, with signature “battle stripes” to the card and watch wallet that accompany the watch, Oris and Momotaro put together a great package that denim-heads will go crazy for.

Based on the 40mm case, this date-free (you read that right) version features a minty green faded dial with gold-tone markers and hands. The green will accentuate the bronze as it patinas adding to that aspect of it, while the gold-tone will make its warmth come through. Combined with the inkly blue denim strap, it’s easily one of the most stylish watches we’ve seen in some time. Available now and ready to ship - $2,200

Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Dark Blue

There are all steel Big Crown Pointer Dates, and all bronze ones too. But should you want something in between, that comes out a bit dressier than either, go for this version with a bronze bezel. The use of the unique metal on the coin-edged bezel creates an appealing decadent moment that breaks up the case design. Keep it polished and patina free for some bling, or let it get patinated for a more subtle contrast.

To emphasize the bronze, Oris went with a deep, dark and delightful navy blue for the dial. It’s a color you just sink into. The set of four hands are then brilliant gold, while dial printing is in a warm, gold tone as well. This is a truly well thought out combination that oozes charm and a low-key elegance. In stock and ready to ship - $1,850