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Now Available: Windup Watch Shop Rally Straps
Words by Windup Watch Shop

If you’ve got a few watches in your collection, chances are you’ve got a nice selection of straps to go with them. After all, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to change the strap on your watch to give it some new life, than to buy a whole new watch. One type of strap that can really change the look and feel of one of your favorites and should be a staple of a solid strap portfolio is a good rally strap. They’ve got that kind of attitude that you find on a well-worn vintage watch. Something a bit hard to put your finger on. Effortless, nostalgic, cool-without-trying. So, today we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new line of small hole rally straps, designed by and made just for the Windup Watch Shop.

Our new German-made Rally straps are a perfect mix of rugged vintage-style, handcraft, and luxurious leather. Featuring a 4mm taper, 2.5mm thickness, hand-tied knots, and row stitch, they have a vintage-appeal right out of the box. The leather chosen is a rugged full-grain with a lot of texture and deep, rich color. It has a matte finish that will age beautifully, darkening and scarring with age. While these are a natural fit for any automotive-inspired watch or vintage chronograph, they also look damn good on just about everything we’ve thrown them on.

The new Rally strap is available now for $79 in 20 and 22mm in three excellent and unique colors.

Loden Green Rally Strap

We’ve always been big fans of green leather straps, but it’s easy to choose the wrong green. Something bright or vibrant can clash with a watch or be too loud on the wrist. But fear not, Loden is just right. Deep, earthy, verging on a camo tone, it’s a dark subtle green with a lot of character. Pair this with warm dials, tropical patina or anything military for a match made in heaven. Available here

Lake Blue Rally Strap

Similar to green, there are good and bad blues when it comes to watch straps. Lake is one of the good ones. A vivid blue with a pronounced grain, this strap acts as an accent to a watch, popping off the wrist. Yet, despite being a bolder color, Lake works well with light or dark dials, and even on fairly subtle watches. Available here

Sienna Brown Rally Strap

You can’t launch a strap without a good brown option, so here we have Sienna. Not your everyday brown, Sienna has a rich, burnt gold color. An earthier version of tan, it’s a gorgeous hue that works with classic dials, but also more exotic ones with green and blue tones. If you happen to have a chronograph with orange accents, Sienna will make that color pop. Available here

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