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Now in the Shop: Three 39mm Watches from Archimede and Damasko
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Is 39mm the new 40mm? Well, no it’s 39mm, but when paired with a thin height, a 39mm diameter makes for one very comfortable, beautifully fitting case. Today, we’re happy to announce that we have three new choices that check both of these boxes. All with 39mm diameters, all just under 10mm. And what’s even better, they're also all under $1,000.

Archimede Pilot 39A Windup Watch Shop Edition

Classic flieger fans should be pretty familiar with the wonderful Archimede Pilot’s watches. By taking traditional pilot dials and putting them into thin, modern, but classic-in-their-own-right cases, Archimede has created the perfect hybrid of styles. The model we’re adding today has been scaled down from the standard 42mm to 39mm in order to fit smaller wrists and those who prefer a more subtle look.

Accompanied by the non-branded “H” dial, the “A” dial seen here features the Archimede logo and date at six, for a slightly more modern look. For the shop, we’ve specced these out with heat-blued hands, display case backs with custom text, and we throw in a black ADPT Strap with every purchase. German-made and powered by the ETA 2824-2, the Archimede 39A is available now for $760.

Damasko DS 30 Yellow and DS 30 Green

When Damasko released the DS 30 last year, they might not have been aware of what a hit they had created. Featuring a 39mm x 9.95mm case made out of hardened submarine steel and packed with other Damasko tech like their fully-hardened true-decoupling patented crown system with viton gaskets (say that 10x fast), they made a true sleeper of a watch. Modest in its appearance, svelte in its build, but ready to take on the world.

Today, we’re adding two more styles of the DS 30 to accompany the white version that currently available as well. Although not dramatically different, the Yellow and Green add fluorescent seconds hands and date wheels in their respective colors to the mix. Colorful seconds hands are an easy and fun way to add some color to a watch, but a custom date with matching fluorescent paint is a uniquely Damasko detail. A touch more aggressive and markedly more modern, for those who want more attitude in their DS 30, these are for you. The DS 30 Yellow and DS 30 Green are now for $957.