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Paired Up Mondays With The Laco Aachen 42
Words by Windup Watch Shop

You’ve just purchased that watch you always wanted. The size is perfect. The color is exactly how it looked online. And for days afterwards, you find yourself in utter bliss. However, like most people on this earth, you end up wanting something different. Something more. And it’s at that point in time you start looking at straps.

The right strap can absolutely change the look of a watch. Giving it another life and more use throughout it’s time in your collection. That’s why, starting today, we present to you Paired Up Mondays. Every week, we will pull a watch from the shop and pair it with a strap or bracelet, so you can see the different looks possible. Whether we’re looking to accentuate the dial, or highlight one of the colors used, we’ll find just the right strap to make you do a double take and look at the watch in a completely new light.

For this weeks Paired Up, we pulled the sunburst blue dialed Laco Aachen 42. It’s an affordable Type B pilots watch with a clean look. Normally paired with grey Nylon Mil Strap, we’ve reimagined it with our 20mm Natural Model 2 Premium strap. Pilot’s watches, such as this, were historically worn on a leather strap. The Model 2, with it’s simple stitching, speaks to that tradition.

With this pairing, you also benefit from the fact that the brown color of the strap works perfectly with the deep blues of the dial, creating an aesthetically pleasing package. Furthermore, as time progresses the strap will take on it’s own unique wear patterns, adding to the experience.

If you like this pairing, you can find the  Laco Aachen 42 watch and Natural Model 2 Premium strap in our shop. If you like a Type A dial instead of a Type B, you can get a similar look with the Laco Augsburg 42.

Let us know what you think about Paired Up and if there is a pairing you want to see on the next edition.