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Paired Up Mondays with the Zodiac Olympos Military Worn & Wound Edition
Words by Windup Watch Shop

We’re back with another pairing for Paired Up Monday’s.

A while back, we partnered with the folks at Zodiac to create the Olympos Military Worn & Wound Edition. The creation took their 2:00 o’clock crowned Olympos and gave it a classic military dial with railroad minute track and bold numbers. Overall, the watch was a perfect amalgamation of both brands.

Of the two watches offered, I always found myself gravitating to the blue gradient dial version, which came paired with our Navy Model 2 Premium and Admiralty Gray ADPT single pass. Though these pairings were quite appealing, I still found myself wanting more.

That’s why for this weeks Paired Up, I decided to toss the Blue Olympos Worn & Wound Edition on another of our ADPT Straps. That being our Navy US-Made Mil Strap.

I know what you’re going to say. “Too much Navy”. But hear me out.

One of the best features on this watch is the large, light green numerals and hands. By placing the watch on a Navy Blue strap, that color is accentuated, while the overall design is subdued. This is a defining aspect of many military watches and that continues here.

With this simple change of strap the watch goes from being a unique and interesting watch to a unique and interesting watch you wouldn’t mind scratching while you change the spark plugs on your restored Willys Jeep. It makes it a more casual watch, which should spark more interest in those who have only admired the watch from afar.

If you like this pairing, for a limited time only, when you order the Zodiac Olympos Military Worn & Wound watch, receive a free Navy US-Made Mil strap.

Let us know what you think about Paired Up and if there is a pairing you want to see on the next edition. And if you’re still on the fence about a watch from the shop, Schedule an In-Person Consultation and stop by our Brooklyn offices to check one out. We’re ready and waiting to help!