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Perfect Back-To-School Clocks From Junghans, Seiko, And Citizen
Words by Windup Watch Shop

An interest in horology often only gets discussed within the greater context of watches, but long before people were wearing timepieces on their wrists, they were relying on clocks to provide them with the time of day and keep them on schedule for their everyday lives. It’s hardly a secret that we love anything with a connection to watchmaking that tells the time, and we have recently been expanding our selection of wall and table clocks to include models from the exact same brands that produce our favorite wristwatches. 

To further increase our wall clock offerings available from the Windup Watch Shop, we’re adding models from Junghans, Seiko, and Citizen that all draw their aesthetic inspiration from iconic wristwatches that define their respective brands’ catalogs. Aesthetically engaging and connected to their individual manufacturer’s unique design language and heritage, these watch dial-inspired clocks are perfect for everyone from loyal brand enthusiasts to watch collectors to students who simply need a clock to remind them when homework time is up!

Junghans Max Bill Kitchen Clock 

Named after the famous Bauhaus designer and architect, the Max Bill line is easily the most famous and iconic collection from Junghans, and its minimalist design has remained largely unchanged since it was first introduced way back in the 1950s. However, the very first product that Max Bill designed for Junghans was not a wristwatch at all, but rather a kitchen wall clock, and the brand has recently revived this gorgeous design from 1956 and reimagined it for the modern era.

Made out of ceramic with a domed mineral crystal over its dial and finished in a stunning pale blue color, the teardrop shape stays true to the design of the original, with a simple 10” two-handed clock occupying the top portion and a kitchen timer placed at the smaller end below it. However, while the original 1950s model significantly pre-dated the advent of quartz timekeeping, the new Junghans Max Bill Kitchen Clock benefits from the accuracy and autonomy of a German-made Junghans quartz movement, while the 60-minute timer remains fully mechanical, just like the original model.

Seiko Watch Dial Wall Clock 

Seiko produces a vast assortment of different timepieces but above all else, it is the brand’s dive watches that hold the most cherished place within the hearts of the collecting community. Drawing its inspiration from a variety of different diver models from the brand’s archives, the Seiko Watch Dial Wall Clock takes the distinct design language of the brand’s iconic professional divers and transforms it into a highly-legible everyday clock that is ideally suited for both home and office use.

Although it is not directly based on any one single dive watch model, the 12” Seiko Watch Dial Wall Clock is instantly recognizable as being related to the brand’s catalog of purpose-built underwater timepieces. The frame surrounding the decorative dive-style bezel resembles the shroud that can be found on Seiko’s “Tuna” watches, while the hands and hour markers are a mix between several different styles found on both past and present Seiko dive watch models. As a final touch, each one of the hour markers, along with both the hour and minute hands are finished with luminescent paint, while the Seiko quartz movement powering the Watch Dial Wall Clock features a seconds hand with a smooth and silent sweep - just like the ones found on the brand’s famous mechanical dive watches.

Citizen Smart Clock

With today’s modern connected technology, both watches and clocks are capable of doing far more than just telling the time, and Citizen’s tech-forward Smart Clock CC5012 represents the next generation in classically-styled wall clocks. Combining a traditional analog display with the ability to be wirelessly paired with an Echo-equipped device, the Citizen Smart Clock offers significantly expanded features such as automatic time synchronization, multiple user-programmable timers, and even the ability to automatically adjust itself throughout the year to compensate for daylight savings time.

At its core, the Citizen Smart Clock CC5012 is a simple 10” wall clock with a clean white dial and a legible time-only display. However, its minute track actually consists of 60 individual LED lights that can serve as a visual representation of the status of its configurable timers, and this allows it to offer significantly expanded functionality without resorting to a cluttered dial layout or a completely digital display. Additionally, should you choose not to take advantage of its advanced connected features, the quartz movement powering the Citizen CC5012 Smart Clock is more than capable of functioning as a traditional three-handed clock and accurately displaying the time in a simple yet highly legible manner.

Citizen Outdoor Wall Clock 

Citizen’s clock offerings are almost as comprehensive and diverse as the brand’s watches, and in addition to smart clocks and desk clocks, Citizen also produces a number of different wall clocks that are inspired by some of its most famous and recognizable watch models. The Citizen Wall Clock CC2016 is heavily based on the core design of its Avion pilot’s chronograph, and it offers an overall aesthetic that is directly linked to the design DNA of military-issued pilots watches from the golden era of aviation and the mechanical wristwatch. 

Featuring an 18” water resistant housing that is specifically designed for outdoor use, the Citizen Wall Clock CC2016 is powered by a reliable quartz movement and includes high-contrast white on black markings, with the hands and hour markers coated in green-glowing luminous material to offer supreme legibility, even in dark conditions. Rather than having a pair of chronograph registers like the wristwatch that serves as its aesthetic inspiration, the Citizen Wall Clock CC2016 features the added utility of both a thermometer and a hygrometer (humidity meter), which are displayed by the two smaller registers located on the lower half of its dial.

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