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Pick 3: The Ultimate $1500 Collection
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Today, we’re starting off a new series here in the shop where we pick 3 of our favorite watches under a certain budget. We find quite often that watch folks like to have all the bases covered when it comes to their collections and we’re here to help! Whether you’re just getting into the watches, or maybe you’re buying for friends, or even if you’re a seasoned collector, we hope you enjoy our picks! 

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Benrus The Series #3061

We usually consider a field watch of sorts a must in many collections. The clean sterile dials tend to go with casual clothing as well as outdoor styles. In the 1960’s Benrus released the original series #3061 watches. A civilian variation on the military-issued DTU-2AP field watch, it featured a Benrus logo on the dial, a red-tipped seconds hand, lumed numerals, and a polished case, clearly distinguishing it from its military counterpart. The leather strap that accompanies this model allows it to go from casual to dressy in no time!


Citizen NJ015 "Tsuyosa"

Integrated design and affordability. Two words that rarely come together. Yet now, Citizen has contributed a new collection to the mix that meets those standards. Meet the NJ015 "Tsuyosa" collection. These watches are a perfect option to wear from office to night life as they really pop on the wrist. Go with a more subtle black or blue dial, or go bold with the green or yellow dial. And all of this is within a curvaceous and sharp edged case that comes in at 40mm with a svelte 11.7mm thickness. These are sure to get many compliments on the wrist!


ADPT Series 1

What better addition to this collection than a diver that also functions as a GMT! The ADPT Series 1 Watches were designed as All Day, Purpose, and Terrain timepieces. Fun, yet functional, they mix great specs and features with cool, contemporary designs. Featuring a lightweight case made out of titanium, the ADPT Series 1 Watches are comfortable all day long, above and below water with 200m of water resistance. With incredible lume and the ability to take whatever you throw at it, this is a great everyday choice for many!