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Shopping the Windup 2023 Holiday Gift Guide
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s over a week into December, and no doubt your holiday shopping is in full swing unless you’re a last minute shopper (we’ll have a blog post for you soon enough too, so stay tuned). For the proactive among us, or even the lost soul who has somehow found your way here trying to shop for the watch fanatic in your life, welcome. The kind folks at the Windup Watch Shop have you covered with our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. Consider this a guide for a guide, if you will.

Gifts For the Watch Collector

Ah, the toughest category first. If you are a collector yourself or know someone in your life who struggles with watch addiction, you already know the struggle of shopping for him or her. Fear not, however; we’ve got it down to an art. The first line of defense is easy. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Straps are some of the easiest ways to bring new looks and feels to the watches we already own. They can dress a watch up or down and make it feel like a completely new timepiece. Shop our special curated selection of suede and leather straps, and don’t limit yourself to what’s in this guide. You can find a variety of options in the wider store, too. Beyond straps, watch cases and rolls are also low hanging fruit for a collector. Choose from our famous Tool Watch Box as part of the Storage & Care Gift Set or opt for a nifty hexagon watch tube for handy storage at home or on the go. If you are truly set on choosing a watch, our guide has a variety of watches from special Oris, G-Shock, and more. And as a last resort, go nuclear with a Windup Watch Shop gift card. There’s no shame in letting that most particular collector choose their own adventure.

Gifts For the Professional

We’re not saying you can put professionals into a box, but we’ve been around the block once or twice and know that they often prioritize flexibility, value, and a bit of elegance. Starting with the watches this time, we need to hone in on options that are dressy enough for the office but still easy to rock to a happy hour. Versatility is the name of the game. The Tissot Heritage 1938 is a perfect choice with its approachable size and classic dial layout. On a slightly more minimal note, the Junghans Max Bill fits the, uh, bill. Sportier types will appreciate something like this Seiko Chronograph. From an accessories standpoint, a quality pen, wallet, or desk clock might be just the thing a working professional would appreciate.

Gifts for the Adventurer

In some ways the Adventurer is the easiest archetype to shop for. Just keep it simple and make it useful. Whether it’s a knife, carabiner, or straightforward sport watch, keeping a focus on gear that is designed to go the distance is a great way to ensure you’ll never be too far off the path. The sneaky thing about sport-focused gear is that they find their way into our everyday lives without us noticing. That field watch you bought to go hiking with? Been wearing it two weeks straight. That compass add-on you got in preparation for a camping trip? Certified EDC status. This special selection is also relatively affordable and would make for great small gifts for white elephants, stockings, and more.

Gifts Under $100

‘Nuff said. Find an item for that special person in your life without breaking the bank. We have dozen of items under $100 that will make anyone happy. From watch related tools to affordable utility knives.

 If you're want to see more of what's available from the shop, check out our holiday gift guide page We hope it's a helpful tool for you this season!