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Special Pen Spotlight
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Our love of wristwatches is part of a bigger passion for mechanical things of all kinds and sizes. On one end, analog cars capture our imaginations, while on the smaller side, something as simple as a well-executed ballpoint pen can also provide satisfaction. That’s exactly why we are dedicating today’s Chronicle to highlight a few of the pens from the Shop. Here are three we would happily use and recommend to family and friends. All three happen to also be featured in promotions and sales, so hop on over to the Windup Watch Shop Pen Page to discover these – and many more – today.

Craghill Kepler Pen

The Craighill Kepler Pen is as much a design object as it is a highly-functional pen. Available in three different finishes: stainless steel, brass, and black PVD, the Kepler features a distinct wave and ridge pattern that terminate at the tip. This design touch not only makes it the most sculptural of all the pens in today’s Chronicle; it acts as a natural grip for ergonomics. This ballpoint measures 5.8” long, 0.3” wide, weighs 2oz, and utilizes Schmidt 635 refills.

Tactile Turn x ADPT Slim Side Click

Things take a turn towards the sportier side with the Tactile Turn x ADPT Slim Side Click. Tactile Turn is long well-regarded for manufacturing quality pens in the US down to the tiniest components, while ADPT (“adapt”, All Day, Purpose, and Terrain) cut its teeth making US-made nylon watch straps. The brainchild of this partnership is exactly what you would expect: a highly functional and durable pen of the best quality. This particular instrument features a cerakoted (ceramic) finish and Slide Click tip retractor. It is 5.8” long, 0.365” wide, and comes with a Pilot G2 0.7mm refill. 

YStudio Series One

The YStudio Series One is, if the most sober pen of today’s spotlight, the most classic and elegant – but with a twist (literally). Twist the exposed spiral up top to activate the ballpoint, and turn the opposite direction to release the spring. The Series One is part of YStudio’s trio of exceptional writing instruments, including the Sketching Pencil and Fountain Pen. It is a Parker type ballpoint pen and would make a sophisticated addition to any everyday carry. 

As always, we invite you check out our entire inventory of pens in the Windup Watch Shop. If what you are looking for is out of stock, don’t sweat it; we are constantly restocking pens and adding exciting new products. As always, don't forget to sign up for our rewards program to earn points with every purchase!