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Ten Watches for Summer 2019
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Winter this year felt like a long one, so finally getting some 70 degree days here in NYC has made us excited for Summer. It’s time to actually go outdoors, actually dive or swim, take a trip, drive with the top down… whatever it is you do once the air stops hurting. So, to that end, here are 10 excellent watches that will inspire you to get away from you desk or off the couch and go enjoy the warmer weather.

Archimede Outdoor Antimag

The name says it all, this is a watch meant to be worn in the great outdoors. The 41mm barrel shaped case is hardened to protect against scratches and dings and has 200m water resistance making it great for the spontaneous cliff dive. Head out for $1,003

Autodromo Group B S2 Windup

The Group B Series 2 is a perfect watch for the warmer weather. Thin, lightweight, stylish - it’s a watch you want to show off while wearing a t-shirt. The Windup limited edition, with its unique gray and blue colorway is particularly summer-y, and comes with a complimentary Admiralty Gray ADPT Strap, making it great to wear out on a hot day. Available now for $975

Bravur Geography Blue

Taking a trip this summer? Perhaps overseas to some Mediterranean paradise? Well, the Bravur Geography is the perfect choice for you. At 39mm in diameter it’s a great all-day watch, while the subtle vintage cues and the gorgeous blue dial will keep you stylish in a land far, far away. The GMT can then help you keep track of things at home. Available for $1,650

Vero SW

If you’re the adventuring type, this is the watch for you. Designed with ergonomics and legibility in mind, this American-machined 200m sports watch was engineered to wear while surfing, biking, hiking, fishing, climbing Machu Picchu… basically doing all the things that could mess up a lesser watch. Heck, they even warranty it for 2 years against all damage. Adventure awaits for $1,720

Mercer Lexington

There’s nothing quite like a panda dial chronograph to inspire you to throw on a pair of aviators and head out into the sunset. The Mercer Lexington mixes 60’s chronograph style with a hand-wound mechanical movement, giving you that vintage look and feel. Available now for $575

Martenero Edgemere Reserve

I’m on a boat!.. is what you’ll think every time you look down at the Edgemere Reserve on your wrist. The mix of whites, blue, reds and useful complications give this watch a distinctly nautical feel. Throw it on an ADPT, and you’ll be ready for a relaxing day on the water. Preorder now for $650 (ships June)

Junghans Meister Driver

If you’re lucky enough to have a classic convertible, and plan on driving it around this summer, wind in your hair, it’s in your best interest to have the right watch on your wrist. The Junghans Meister Driver, with its gray and cream coloration just screams casual cool, and will look amazing on your wrist as you signal a turn. Drive away with one today for $1,295

Raven Venture II

A summer guide without a proper dive watch would be a disgrace, so here’s the Raven Venture II. The combination of steel bezel insert with that distinctive, bright blue dial gives the watch a playful, almost vintage feel, while the robust build and 300m water resistance remind you what it’s actually made for. Powered by the ETA 2824-2, it’s also a great deal at $710

DS 30 Yellow

Another option for those who stay active in the summer, the DS 30 combines unbeatable tech and stats in a small, easy to wear option. 39mm, 9.9mm thick, 200m water resistance, ETA 2824-2 and a hardened submarine steel case, all for $957. The yellow seconds and date then add just enough color for that summer-feel. (there is also our exclusive Windup Edition, shipping in August, for those who can wait)

Dan Henry 1972

So far, we’ve got cars covered, but what about those of you who prefer their summer rides on two wheels? The 1972 pulls from the iconic lines of German chronographs and is inspired by a love of motorcycles. Powered by a unique quartz chronograph movement that features an alarm, this watch is a great companion for a coast-to-coast road trip. Available now for $350