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The 90’s Are Back! - Check Out These New G-Shocks In The Windup Watch Shop
Words by WIndup Watch Shop

The 90s Sporty Collection from G-Shock is a line of watches that pay homage to the iconic designs and colorways of the 1990s. This collection is a throwback to the era of neon colors, oversized clothing, and popular sports like basketball and skateboarding. The coloring of these models is the same as the popular coloring of the G-SHOCK DW001, which went on sale in 1994. The three base models of this lineup are the standard DW5600, the front button DW6900Y, and the Analog-Digital GA110Y. These cool designs provide a choice of variations that accentuate any style or fashion.

In addition to their eye-catching aesthetics, the watches in the 90s Sporty Collection are also built to withstand the toughest conditions. They feature shock-resistant technology, water resistance up to 200 meters, and durable resin bands. Overall, the 90s Sporty Collection from G-Shock is a fun and nostalgic nod to the bold style of the 1990s, while also offering the rugged durability and functionality that G-Shock is known for. 

G-SHOCK DW-5610Y-9

These squared-off digital watches have earned an iconic status in the world of horology. Their classic square-shaped model is the perfect watch for throwing on, and getting out there -- no worrying about bumps or nicks, exposure to water, or making sure the time is set before heading out the door. They made their first appearance back in 1983 with the DW-5000, which is still around today in the form of the DW5600. For a hair under a hundred dollars, it’s hard to get more watch for your money.


G-SHOCK might not be the oldest watch brand on earth, but they have been around longer than you might think, getting started in 1983. As such, over the years there have been plenty of iconic watches produced. The DW6900 was unveiled in 1995, and for many who grew up in the 90s, is what comes to mind when they hear the words G-SHOCK. The 6900 is a modern tribute to this icon. 53.9 x 49.7 x 18.6mm in size, the 6900 makes a statement on the wrist, especially rendered in yellow.

The G-SHOCK DW-5610Y-9 is available for $110 and the DW6900-Y9 for $230. Find these and more from G-SHOCK only in the Windup Watch Shop today!