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The Autodromo Group B Series 2 is Now Available at the Windup Watch Shop
Words by The Windup Watch Shop

They’re here! The long-awaited Autodromo Group B Series 2 is now available for preorder through Windup Watch Shop, and we’re very excited about it. The original Group B was a huge hit for Autodromo on multiple levels. The design was daring and perhaps Autodromo’s most ambitious, not only featuring a divisive 80’s inspired aesthetic and pass-through lugs, but also clever engineering, keeping it light and thin.

For its triumphant return, Autodromo decided to evolve the Group B by adding a bracelet into the mix. Their first bracelet, it’s unsurprisingly very unique, imbued with the same aggressive, hard-lined spirit that informed the Group Bs to begin with. The slatted design appears integrated with the case, allowing the 39mm barrel-shaped chassis to flow and taper around the wrist, creating a line of sleek, cold steel. The lugs have been converted to fit 20mm spring-bars, allowing for the use of two-piece straps as well, a welcome addition to the line.

The Autodromo Group B Series 2 is currently available in White and Orange for $975, and will begin shipping mid-December.