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The Best New Releases from April
Words by Windup Watch Shop

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This week, we take a moment to catch our breath and celebrate all the amazing releases this past month. April alone, even outside of Watches & Wonders, has been a fantastic month in regards to new watches, and if this is any indication for what the rest of the year brings, we couldn’t be more excited. Without further ado, here is your weekly Roundup of some of our favorites. 

Note: As we are hosting our Windup Watch Fair in San Francisco, please be advised that all orders placed between April 30th (after 2 pm EST) to May 6th will ship starting May 7th.

Depancel x Worn & Wound Allure Valjoux 92

The Allure Valjoux 92, made in collaboration between French brand Depancel and Worn & Wound, is a celebration of both the American automobile and of the venerable caliber Valjoux 92. Aesthetically, the watch’s mint green dial evokes shades of mid-century Mustangs and Corvettes. It’s a decidedly retro color scheme that works really well with the rest of the dial elements. Underneath the hood, the Valjoux 92 makes its presence known as the first movement to utilize an oscillating pinion for simplicity in its chronograph clutch engagement. Whether you are simply a sucker for a good-looking watch or a hardcore chronograph collector, you will love the Depancel x Worn & Wound Allure Valjoux 92. 

Citizen Series 890

The Citizen 890 is the latest example of the democratization of what has become one of the hottest sport watch trends in recent history: the integrated bracelet, angular-cased, steel sports watch. Citizen has combined these elements into its own design and even added additional functionality in the form of an inner rotating bezel with a dual crown setup. The 890’s dial can be configured with a blue motif that conjures images of Tokyo’s urban skyline or a salmon-copper colored Sakura variant. Both are uniquely attractive and add character. Citizen has also bolstered these timepieces with 200 meters of water resistance, so you are getting sports in both style and substance. 

Super Sea Wolf GMT

The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT is an example of a vintage reissue done right. Zodiac makes incremental improvements to what was already a winner of a watch. The latest GMTs feature subtle changes in the form of new beveled lugs, new bi-directional 24-hour GMT bezel, and a new movement inside. The STP 7-20 is an automatic, hacking, 4Hz movement with 40 hours of power reserve. With 200 meters of water resistance and a price tag still south of $2,000, the new Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMTs solidify their position as stalwart value propositions. 


Nivada Grenchen F77

Nivada Grenchen was a household name in the 20th century watchmaking scene. Until it wasn’t. But it’s back again and arguably better than ever. The resurrected brand has been on a pure path of reissuing its greatest hits from yesteryear from the Antarctic to the Chronomaster. With the F77, it taps into its version of the integrated bracelet sport watch – and it’s an accurate recreation at that. At 37mm wide, it retains its old-school proportions. The basket weave dial (available with or without date) shows great attention to detail, and the overall package of the F77 simply exudes an effortless cool.

G-Shock Crazy Colors

G-Shock has always had one eye in the past even as they push the boundaries of what digital watches can do today. The G-Shock Crazy Colors collection is a callback to the series of the same name from the late 2000s. Featuring three fun options, neon black, purple white, and hot pink, it’s a nostalgic play and one that should appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers alike. The 6900-series on which the Crazy Colors are based boasts myriad functionality – stopwatches, alarms, calendars, the usual. They are also rated to 200 meters of water resistance and are accurate to +/- 15 seconds a month.

Seiko Kitchen Timer

A solid cooking timer cannot be underestimated. Seiko has released a pair of these as part of the QHE line, and they are fantastic. The new timers measure a compact 2.6 inches wide, 4.65 inches tall, and only 1.5 inches thick, making them ideal for kitchen spaces. They are powered by highly accurate quartz movements with smooth sweeping seconds and include handy shortcuts for common timekeeping needs (10 minutes, 1 hour, etc). A convenient LED light also helps with nighttime visibility. Available in both black and silver, these Seiko kitchen timers are easy to love.