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The Arris Sling by Craighill Is The Perfect City Sling
Words by Windup Watch Shop

It’s a tale as old as time: You want to leave the house and you need to bring more stuff with you than your pockets can accommodate. A backpack would be nice, but just seems like overkill. Bringing a jacket and loading up the pockets is downright clunky (and who wants to do that when it’s hot out? yuck.) Carrying a sling bag is a modern solution to that age-old problem of too much stuff and not enough pockets. That’s where the new Arris Sling from Craighill comes in. Let’s take a look at this handy piece of kit that bridges the gap between overloaded pockets and looking like a kid going back to school with their bulky back pack.


Coming in at 11” W x 7” H x 4.5” D, the Arris is perfectly proportioned to carry your essentials and then some without being cumbersome on a quick trip. While you won’t be putting a laptop in here, it’s got more than enough room for your phone, wallet, water bottle, small camera, and more. Keeping the Arris secured to your body is an adjustable strap with a buckle. There’s also a pull handle made from rubberized webbing for extra support while staying durable. The bag itself features Japanese nylon construction with an interesting quilted look. Rubberized zippers will keep the occasional rain shower and splash at bay, while adding a bit of shine to the otherwise matte-finished bag.


We’re excited to offer this versatile bag in the Shop. You can head over to the product page to learn more about the Arris and pick one up in a low-key Black, outdoorsy Moss, or bright and cheerful Goldenrod. The Arris Sling comes in at just under a hundred bucks.