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The G-SHOCK Titanium Virtual Armor II GMW-B5000TVB1 Is Now Available At the Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

G-SHOCK watches exist in countless different shapes and forms, but the classic “square” will always hold a special place within the hearts of collectors. Faithfully following the design of the very first G-SHOCK from 1983, this fan-favorite silhouette serves as the canvas for numerous special editions, including everything from fun and playful collaborations to premium models with solid metal cases that are packed full of advanced features. G-SHOCK’s latest release is a follow-up to the original ‘Virtual Armor’ model that debuted last year, and while the new watch retains the full-titanium construction and video game inspired design of the original, it turns things up a notch with pops of bright orange and a striking brown and gray geometric camouflage finish.

Officially known as the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TVB1, the new watch features a sapphire crystal mounted in a solid titanium case with exterior dimensions that measure 43.2mm wide by 49.3mm lug-to-lug and 13mm thick. Just like the original G-SHOCK Virtual Armor watch, the new model features 200 meters of water resistance along with a unique design, where each of its components is labeled with its description or intended function, giving it the appearance of a prototype design that has come to life straight from the blueprint drawing on a schematics sheet. However, while the original model featured a black DLC finish, the new G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TVB1 offers a geometric camouflage pattern in dark gray and brown ion plating that appears across both the entirety of its bezel and bracelet. The complex finish is created through a seven-step layering, masking, and engraving process to provide it with all of its different colors and small laser-engraved text that adorns its various components.  

In the same way that the G-SHOCK Titanium Virtual Armor II GMW-B5000TVB1 offers a premium exterior with its IP camouflage titanium case and bracelet, the internal 3459 module powering the new G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TVB1 is also a few steps above what you are going to find inside most G-SHOCK watches. In addition to all of the usual multifunction digital features such as an alarm, stopwatch, timer, automatically programmed calendar, and world time feature, the 3459 module is also solar powered and it features radio controlled time synchronization and Bluetooth connectivity, which enables easy setup and pairing with your smartphone. 

Just like the original Virtual Armor G-SHOCK watch that debuted last year, the new model is inspired by the warriors of the virtual world and the mechanical armor suits that can frequently be seen on characters in video games. Between its full-titanium case and bracelet, its advanced internal module, and its intricate brown and gray camouflage IP finish, the new G-SHOCK Virtual Armor II GMW-B5000TVB1 is anything but your standard “square” digital sports watch. For fans of anime and general gaming culture, G-SHOCK’s legendary durability and robust build quality make the new GMW-B5000TVB1 a real-life mech suit for your wrist.  

The new camouflage G-SHOCK Titanium Virtual Armor II GMW-B5000TVB1 has an official retail price of $1,700 and it is available for pre-order today, right here at the Windup Watch Shop.