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The Incredible Nivada Grenchen F77 Stone Dials
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Of all the topics often discussed within the watch world, many are esoteric and maybe even a little silly to non watch enthusiasts. Inscrutable changes in text, minute differences measured in millimeters, you get the idea. To the average consumer, these things don’t mean much. To them, a glossy-dial Submariner 5513 with a gilt underline dial doesn’t look radically different to the current product (and that sentence just sounds crazy). One thing that will undoubtedly catch anyone’s attention, though, is a beautiful stone dial. Exotic dials can do more than just look pretty; they can imbue familiar watches with an entirely new character. Case in point: the Nivada Grenchen F77.

The F77 is Nivada Grenchen’s take on the integrated bracelet sports watch – and that’s a statement that would have been true nearly 50 years ago. 1977 marked the brand’s foray into the then-hip aesthetic that has now returned in force, and the current model is remarkably true to its heritage. At the baseline we have great specs: a 37mm wide case that measures 45mm lug to lug and 12.6mm thick. The standard F77s come in a variety of dial colors, including blue, black, and a smoky brown. Those three colors can be configured with or without date functions, which is a nice nod to customization and purists who insist on symmetric dials. But these three models were not all that Nivada Grenchen had in mind with the re-release of their halo integrated sport watch.

The standard F77s are excellent everyday watches, but Nivada Grenchen was clearly not content to leave things at that by introducing four stone dial variants. Up first is the F77 with an Anthracite dial and a titanium case. The most subtle of the four, this reference is also the only one that keeps the basket weave texture on the dial. For the collector who wants a slightly more uncommon dial color and enjoys the lightweight nature of titanium watchmaking, the Anthracite F77 is the one to choose. It is still easily wearable in virtually any setting and doesn’t need to shout to make a statement.

One other stone dial F77 shares a titanium case: the meteorite-dial variant that Nivada Grenchen calls the “Météorite”. As is the case with most meteorite dials, no two are exactly the same, thereby making this a truly unique watch. It makes sense to combine this slate dial color with a titanium case and bracelet – the muted tones play off one another well and reward closer looks. Like the anthracite dial F77, this watch doesn’t make a loud statement but certainly doesn’t need to.

The next two stone dial F77s feature two differing takes on blue and green dials, and both are stunning. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Lapis Lazuli on a watch, but the effect never gets old. The Lapis model is sure to wow wearers with its vivid hue and myriad specks, which are functions of the stone’s composition of multiple minerals. It’s no surprise Lapis has been used in mosaics and other masterpieces; this watch is a work of art in and of itself. The Aventurine dial, on the other hand, is akin to the night sky and a million galaxies. Its deep green is the result of an impossibly long process of crystallization, and it simply sings.

All four of these F77s are no-date versions, which allows their special dials to take center stage. It feels like these watches couldn’t have come at a better time. In a moment when sports watches continue to enjoy widespread popularity, what better way to inject some freshness into the game by throwing down some genuinely unique dials? The only remaining question is: which one is the right one for you?


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