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The Laco Fliegers Have Landed
Words by Windup Watch Shop

A couple of months ago we introduced Laco to the Windup Watch Shop via the Taupe Dial Aachen and Augsburg Limited Editions. Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve expanded our Laco catalog to offer a full range of fliegers from their traditionally styled, German-made options, to their more affordable modern line.

Laco Münster, Heidelberg, and Paderborn

If you know your pilot watch history, you’ll know that only five brands made the now iconic B-Uhren watches and Laco was one of them. In celebration of this, Laco currently manufactures their “original” line, which retain many of the details of those watches, but are modernized to have more wearable cases (the originals were 55mm) and new movements. Notable features are the dark-sandblasted cases, “FL23883” markings and flat lugs. The original lines are also manufactured (save the movements) in Laco’s Pforzheim, Germany factory.

The Münster and Heidelberg are Type A dial varieties of the original flieger, in 42mm and 39mm respectively. Featuring black dials with bold hour numerals, double-dot triangles at twelve and heat blued steel hands, they have that classic pilot look. A keen eye will notice the almost severe typography, giving them a particularly military feel. Inside are Swiss-made ETA 2824-2s, providing reliable timekeeping. The Münster is available for $1,190 and the Heidelberg is available for $1,130, both shipping immediately.

The Paderborn, which is one of Laco’s most popular models, features the more complex Type B or “navigator’s” dial. With and inner hour index and outer minute index, and hands that perfectly align with each, telling time at a glance is simple. The increased complexity also grants the Paderborn a more “instrument” feel that is very appealing, which is balanced by the wide dial aperture from the 42mm case. Inside is the venerable ETA 2824-2 as well. The Paderborn is available now for $1,190.

Laco Augsburg and Aachen Blue and Black

The Augsburg and Aachen are Laco’s affordable, and more modern alternative to their “original” line seen above. Featuring either Type A (Augsburg) or Type B (Aachen) dials, these watches are powered by Miyota 821A automatic movements and have sub $500 price tags. Today, we’re adding black and blue varieties in 42 and 39mm alongside the limited edition Taupes.

The black Augsburgs and Aachens are what comes to mind when someone says “flieger.” Featuring beautifully brushed steel cases and bright C3 lume, they are great on the wrist and highly legible. They come fitted to heavy brown leather straps with rivets by the lugs for a traditional and rugged look. The black Augsburgs and Aachens are available now for $410 in big, bold 42mm and highly wearable 39mm. Augsburg 42, Aachen 42, Augsburg 39, Aachen 39

The blue Augsburgs and Aachens are a surprising and stylish take on this classic style. Rather than matte, Laco went with metallic sunray blue for the dial finish. While not particularly military in execution, the look is incredibly appealing, adding a depth not typical found on fliegers. To add contrast, Laco then made the cases matte bead-blasted and put them on cool gray nylon mil-straps. Not your everyday pilots watches, the blue Augsburgs and Aachens are a fun, fashionable twist on the genre. Both are available now for $410 in 42 and 39mm: Augsburg 42, Aachen 42, Augsburg 39, Aachen 39