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The New Vero x ADPT Workhorse Limited Edition Is A Strap Monster - Windup Watch Shop
Words by Windup Watch Shop

Just this week, we released our latest collaboration with Vero, the ADPT Workhorse Limited Edition. Featuring a 44.5mm cylindrical mid-case coated in ceramic coating (Cerakote), we were able to not just use a gorgeous aqua tone that almost perfectly matches the dial, we were able to give a spritz of white. Applied in such a way to create random flecking, no two versions of the VERO x ADPT Workhorse are exactly the same. Like all Workhorses, this piece was made for the outdoors and although it comes on a summer ready white self-closing fabric strap, we put this watch to the strap test by modeling some ADPT nylons on it. We’re happy to report, it is the strap monster we hoped for!


Measuring 44.5mm x 49.5mm x 15.5mm, the VERO x ADPT Workhorse has a striking presence on the wrist, yet wears comfortably, thanks to the cylindrical design and understated lugs. Perfect for anyone who wants a pop of color on the wrist! The bright, flecked aqua case definitely stands out in a crowd but doesn’t look obnoxious either. And we can say it will easily pair with your favorite summer strap! The VERO x ADPT Workhorse is limited to just 100 units worldwide and is available now for $499, shipping by the end of July.